Anna Faris Says Cooking with Her 5-Year-Old Son Jack Can Be 'Destructive'

The actress also reveals that she is "very wary" of dating chefs...with one exception.

As a mother to a 5-year-old, Anna Faris says she is no stranger to a little mess in the kitchen (and everywhere else).

The actress, who teamed up with KIND Snacks for their new line of protein bars, tells PEOPLE “eventually you have to throw your hands up.”

“It’s like you become numb to the crumb dust in your car,” she says. “You don’t even see it anymore. You’re just like, ‘Oh, yeah, this seems clean to me.’ Everything seems slightly sticky. Or some smudges on the wall, you just hope on a good day it’s not poop.”

The comedian says her son Jack, who she shares with her ex-husband Chris Pratt, loves to help out in the kitchen, but she wouldn’t exactly call it “help.”

“He loves to crack eggs. You say ‘aww’ but no, it’s not so cute,” she says. “He’s just a little destructive.”

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But the duo makes for a great team in the kitchen, where Faris says they recently whipped up a batter for “some imaginary neighbors that were evil.”

“We put flour then cayenne pepper then red pepper flakes and eggs and cream that has spoiled—which I can’t get into why there was spoiled cream in my fridge from November—then we sprinkled it with M&Ms to try and trick the neighbors. He loves it,” she says.

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As Jack is getting older, Faris says she’s starting to get back into cooking (more edible things, for the record) to feed his “crazy appetite.”

“My mom’s an incredible cook. I’m not a great cook but I really enjoy it. For a while I’ve been doing a lot of ordering in or convenient stuff but now Jack is becoming more adventurous,” she says.

While the newly-single Faris may be trying to get back into the cooking scene, she says she is skeptical of ever dating a chef, which she wrote about in her memoir Unqualified. “I’m still very wary of that profession,” she says. But the author would be willing to make an exception for one person in particular: “Ina Garten…if she would have me.”

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