'The Office' 's Angela Kinsey and On-Screen Husband Rainn Wilson Reunite to Make Vegan Brownies

The duo caught up while cooking and discussing their favorite scenes from the hit show.

From The Office to the kitchen, Angela Kinsey and Rainn Wilson were back together and cooking up a storm.

The on-screen husband and wife reunited for a segment on Kinsey and her real-life husband Josh Snyder’s YouTube cooking show “Baking with Josh and Ange.”

While whipping up vegan avocado brownies, Wilson joked: “I just want to say for the record that I hate cooking. It’s a lot of work for something you consume and poop out a few hours later.”

The actor told Kinsey and Snyder, who is a professional baker, that he only became s vegan recently but plans to stick to the plant-based diet.

“I tried just for a month to go vegan to just see what it would be like. First week kind of sucked and then after that I really enjoyed it,” he said. “I actually had more energy and slept better. Occasionally… there was some cheese popcorn the other night and I had some. Or if I went to a sushi bar, I’ll have like a piece of fish. I supplement my diet with cheese popcorn and occasional pieces of fish.”

Kinsey and Wilson also reflected on their time playing Angela and Dwight on the hit NBC show, and recalled their favorite scenes to film together.

“I have so many favorite scenes,” Wilson said. “I loved dancing at our wedding when I lifted you up and your feet were off the ground. That was really awesome. I loved meeting in the warehouse when I was like pretty much naked in the little place where we would have coitus.”

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Kinsey meanwhile, “loved all the secret meetings in the break room when we wouldn’t look at each other.”

The TV couple slipped right back into their characters when Wilson put the entire brownie whisk in his mouth, causing Kinsey to squirm in disgust.

Watch the full video above, and viewers can turn in next week to see another familiar face on the show: Jenna Fischer.

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