Andy Samberg and Umami Burger Team Up to Create 'The Samberger'

Umami Burger

Andy Samberg is now a triple threat: actor, comedian and master burger inventor.

California chain Umami Burger collaborated with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star to create The Samberger, a Chicago-style burger that “stands for everything I stand for,” said Samberg.

The burger, which will be available for $13 starting Sept. 23, is a beef patty topped with spicy sport peppers, roasted tomatoes, chopped dill pickles, relish made out of kombu (an edible kelp), roasted garlic aioli, poppy seeds and yellow mustard.

“We tried many combinations and flavors, and ultimately landed on a Chicago Dog-themed burger that has literally nothing to do with me,” he said in a release. “But it tasted really good so we went with it.”

This is the latest burger in Umami’s Artist Series, which enlists celebrities to create spectacularly unique burgers, and then donates a portion of proceeds to those stars’ charity of choice. $1 from each Samberger sale will be donated to the Center for Early Intervention of Deafness.

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Past collaborators include The Black Keys and former Top Chef champ Michael Voltaggio, who created a Monte Cristo-style burger with melted Gruyère cheese, prosciutto and a deep-fried, custard-soaked bun.

Samberg is starting to let his true foodie colors fly: He and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine appear as judges on Top Chef Duels Wednesday night, and also recently dished to PEOPLE on all the best restaurants to visit in their “precinct.”

So, now that we have The Samberger and Donnie and Mark Wahlberg’s Wahlburger, we have to wonder: Who will be the next celebrity to burger-ize their name? Fingers crossed that we see a Whoopi Goldburger in the not-so-distant future.

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—Morgan Gibson


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