The Watch What Happens Live host also talks his love of sweets, working out, and the much-anticipated Vanderpump Rules finale
NBC Universal's 'Watch What Happens Live' Panel, TCA Winter Press Tour, Day 13, Pasadena, USA - 17 Jan 2017

In the world of the Real Housewives, the dinner party rivals only the vacation as the crucial anchor around which most important plot points are centered. Call your recent acquaintance’s boyfriend’s doctor to confirm that he is faking cancer? Hash out the situation at a dinner party. Want to have a psychic read the group to find out whose husband’s been cheating on them? Dinner party. These are real life situations that the series’ creator Andy Cohen knows all too well.

PEOPLE caught up with the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host—who has teamed up with N.Y.C.’s 10Below Ice Cream and Marie Callender’s to create an English Breakfast-flavored ice cream infused with chocolate chip cookie dough pie—to talk about his love of candy, his all-star Housewives dinner party crew, and that much-anticipated Vanderpump Rules finale.

Are you a big sweets guy?
AC: It depends on my mood, but yeah, I get major sweets cravings. I love dark chocolate and Swedish Fish. Those are my two go-tos.

How do you balance your love of sweets with staying in great shape?
AC: It’s portion control. I just try to eat them when I’m working out also so that I’m not only eating pies.

Are you a workout obsessive?
AC: I’m not as obsessed as some of my friends are, but it’s important that I just try to put it in my schedule as much as I possibly can. I do core training, just a lot of weights and floor work and some boxing.

Do you really enjoy working out or just do it to look hot?
AC: It always makes me feel better. I used to really hate working out and I always said that once I got enough money, I would get a trainer, and that would be something I splurge on. That has been something I splurge on, and it just works for me. Working out with a trainer is great luxury for me and just makes me able to do it. Otherwise I would be just listlessly kind of walking around the gym floor and looking at guys.

Do you cook for yourself?
AC: I really don’t. I’m embarrassed to say that I just built this new apartment that has a great kitchen, and I don’t cook for myself, and I would like to and I should, but I don’t.

What is your favorite restaurant in New York?
AC: It changes all the time. I love Morandi. Oh, there’s a new restaurant called Via Carota that I love, on Grove Street. It’s not that new actually, over a year old. I absolutely love it. Really fresh.

Favorite kind of food?
AC: Italian. Italian. Italian.

You’ve said before that you go out pretty much every night. What’s your hangover cure?
AC: I don’t really get hangovers that much. My hangover cure is two Advil and putting something in your stomach and a lot of water!

Which Housewife would you say hosts the best dinner parties?
AC: I mean, Lisa Vanderpump I think is up there. Yeah, maybe Vanderpump.

Do you have a favorite Housewives dinner party scene?
AC: Well, I mean Camille Grammer’s dinner party from hell was pretty amazing.

A lot of the Housewives have their own wines. I actually had Jax Taylor [from Vanderpump Rules] in the office and had him do a taste test. Have you tried them all?

AC: Oh, that’s so funny. I haven’t. I’ve tried Ramona’s Pinot Grigio, which is pretty good. A lot of them have have Champagnes and proseccos and things like that, but I don’t like a sweet wine. Oh yeah, I’ve had Brandi’s too. That’s pretty good.

If you were to curate an all-star dinner party of Housewives, and you can only pick five—past or present—who do you choose?
AC: Dorinda, Erika Jayne, Shereé, Gizelle from Potomac and Tamra.

Your friend Sarah Jessica Parker loves to cook; we’re always following her on Instagram. Does she throw a good dinner party?
AC: She throws a great dinner party. She cooks all over the map, but Matthew [Broderick] is actually an incredible cook. He’s really great.

I know you said you had teared up watching the upcoming Vanderpump Rules finale, anything we can expect or that you can hint at?
AC: It’s just a totally satisfying finale, and you obviously know that [Tom and Katie] get married and I think the shocker is that you go from all season thinking that this couple should absolutely not be together to thinking that they should, and that was kind of crazy. You’re rooting for them, whereas I think during the season, you’ve been rooting against them.

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Finally, you’re out in L.A. and you just filmed the Beverly Hills reunion. How did that go?
AC: It was really good, oh my God. We had a few special guests and it was funny, it was dramatic, it was great because the Beverly Hills women, they keep it classy, so even when they’re disagreeing, they keep their s— together.

If you’re in Manhattan on March 20, 10Below will be handing out Cohen’s own customized ice cream flavor—which we can confirm is truly delicious—at their Lower East Side location for free from 1-7 pm.