July 24, 2017 11:07 AM

Andrew Zimmern is a big fan of Charlize Theron—and the feeling is mutual.

The Bizarre Foods host appeared on People Now on Friday and shared the story behind his selfie with the actress, who he ran into backstage at Live with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday.

“We met each other in the hallway. She’s being swooped by her security. I come by and she’s like, ‘Oh my god, Andrew Zimmern,'” he explains.  “And I’m like, ‘Did that just really happen?'”

Zimmern, 56, says they’re equally big fans of each other.

“She’s like, ‘I’m obsessed with your show, it’s just amazing what you do and I just looked at her and I said, ‘You know, you’re one of my heroes. You’re a great actress but your work with AIDS in South Africa and her CTAOP Foundation is really unbelievable.”

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The chef adds that they both do a lot of work with the UN and they bonded over their passion for public work and social justice while meeting for the first time.

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And the happenstance might have just made Zimmern’s year.

“To have Charlize Theron tell you that she is a big fan of yours and then grab you very intimately and insist on taking a selfie is about as good as it gets,” he says. “I said to her, ‘I hope you don’t mind, I’ll post this picture,’ and she said ‘Great.’ And I said ‘And you don’t mind if I brag to my friends a little bit?’ and she said, ‘No, obviously not.’ So that may have happened last night.”

Bizarre Foods returns to the Travel Channel on Tuesday, July 25 at 9 p.m. ET.

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