By peoplestaff225
Updated September 16, 2015 11:15 AM

When it comes to desserts, Amy (Duggar) King is a pro.

“I have the biggest sweet tooth,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. And to satiate it on her big day, she enlisted Rick’s Bakery in Fayetteville, Arkansas to make a cake that fit her taste and sexy style.

“It was a five-tier version of our award-winning white cake with raspberry filling and a little bit of butter cream frosting on the outside,” Lindsay Hollomon of Rick’s Bakery tells PEOPLE of Amy’s choice.

“We call it our ‘barely naked’ cake because it has just a little bit of icing so you can actually see the cake through it,” she explains. And it was a really easy sell. “Amy brought in her Pinterest board and said, ‘This is the one!'”

If the style of cake looks familiar, there’s a reason. “They’re all the rage right now,” says the baker. “They’re eye-catching and definitely fit the country-chic weddings that we have a lot of around here.”

But does it taste as good as it looks? “When you taste it, you would know!” says Hollomon of their white cake. “It’s very light, moist, kind of classic. People know it far and wide, it’s delicious.”

Amy’s then-fiance Dillon King thought so, too. “Dillon tried it and loved it, too. There was no back and forth. They’re such a sweet couple. They kept me laughing throughout the whole appointment.”

Rick’s Bakery, around since 1980, began as a small doughnut shop before expanding, and has served big Duggar family events before. “This is our first wedding, but we’ve done desserts for some of the Duggars’ engagement parties,” says Hollomon.

While Amy and Dillon opted for the minimal look went it came to their cake — “It’s so unique, you’d hate to hide that,” said Hollomon — she went all out with the other desserts, treating guests to a smorgasbord of treats by caterer Linda Denzer.

“One of my favorite cereals is Fruity Pebbles,” said Amy, “We did Fruity Pebbles marshmallow treats, cake pops, powdered doughnut kabobs…It was amazing.”

—Janine Rayford Rubenstein