Americans Are Sneaking Healthy Food Into Their Loved Ones' Diets, According to a New Survey

Four in five survey respondents confessed that once they hear a loved one likes a particular fruit or vegetable, they've incorporated that ingredient into as many meals as possible

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Three in five Americans worry that their loved ones are not taking care of themselves and sticking to a healthy diet, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 Americans revealed the most common loved ones respondents are fretting over are spouses/partners (45%), mothers (43%) and fathers (42%).

In an attempt to help, 72% of Americans said they are encouraging their family to practice better nutrition habits.

The survey, conducted online by OnePoll and commissioned by Fresh Avocados – Love One Today, revealed respondents have embraced some smart and easy tactics to keep their health on track.

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Eating diets rich in healthy foods that contain fiber (50%) and doing more cardio exercise (48%) were the top practices respondents have attempted to be heart healthy with a loved one.

Forty-seven percent have swapped out foods with high saturated fats for unsaturated ones like those found in fresh avocados.

Respondents haven't stopped there to encourage nutritious choices for their loved ones. Four in five (79%) confessed once they hear a loved one likes a particular fruit or vegetable they've incorporated that ingredient into as many meals as possible.

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And if that fails, they'll trick them into eating healthier foods, as two in three respondents (65%) admit to having to sneak in healthy ingredients into snack options for their loved ones.

While the health of their loved ones was a priority for many, seven in 10 (70%) admitted they need to take better care of their own heart health after quite a sedentary 2020.

When it comes to nutritious snacks that have been a hit at home, more than half of respondents highlighted avocados, berries, apples and nuts.

In other good news, the survey found that some respondents have been making healthy choices in the past six months.

One in two (54%) said they have already upped their purchases of fruits and vegetables in the last six months while 45% have cut back on sugary foods.

Another 45% have decreased buying foods with high cholesterol content too.

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