But Amazon Go told the honest shopper to "enjoy the yogurt on us."

By Collier Sutter
January 24, 2018 02:05 PM

After CNBC reporter Deirdre Bosa went to check out the new cashierless Amazon Go store for herself, she realized there was one item on her list that she definitely didn’t pay for.

The buzzed-about store, which opened in Seattle on Monday, is all about efficiency. Shoppers scan in through a row of electronic gates using a smartphone app, and are billed by the same app after walking out with their groceries—without any cashier lines.

But when Bosa pulled up her receipt, she saw a cup of Siggi’s yogurt was left unaccounted for.

“I think I just shoplifted?? #AmazonGO didn’t charge me for my Siggi’s yogurt #nolinesnocheckout #freestuff,” she wrote.

Soon after, Siggi’s chimed in on Twitter and responded to her about the unpaid-for item. “Oh no! It’s ok, that one’s on us,” they posted.

Bosa then replied back, “Thanks Siggi’s! But I think it’s on Amazon :)”

Amazon Opens First Cashierless Convenience Store In Seattle
Credit: Stephen Brashear/Getty

So is Amazon Go worried about incidents like this occurring? Not in the slightest.

VP of the company Gianna Puerin told the reporter to “enjoy the yogurt on us” and called the situation a “rare occasion.”

“It happens so rarely that we didn’t even bother building in a feature for customers to tell us it happened,” she added.