Alton Brown Says Daughter Zoey Is Going to Law School to Avoid 'Living Off of Me': 'Fantastic'

“I’ve got a feeling making obscene amounts of money might have something to do with it,” Alton Brown tells PEOPLE of his daughter Zoey Brown’s decision to go to law school

Alton Brown Says Daughter Zoey Is Going to Law School to ‘Not Live Off Me’
Photo: Kelly Sullivan/Getty, Zoey Brown/instagram

Alton Brown's apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The Iron Chef host and brainy food star sat down with PEOPLE and chatted about his daughter Zoey Brown's impressive ambitions post-college.

The Georgetown alumna graduated with the class of 2022, then quickly went to UCLA for law school where she's currently in her first year.

"I've got a feeling making obscene amounts of money might have something to do with it," Alton says of Zoey's decision to go to law school. "I asked my daughter, 'Why? Why law school? You put in so much.' She's like, 'I have a lifestyle to which I've become accustomed. She actually said that to me and at 23. I just said, 'You go.' "

Though he may not have understood her decision at first, Alton — who spoke with PEOPLE at a breakfast at the One Hotel Central Park hosted by Neuriva — applauds "her self awareness and wanting to take responsibility for her lifestyle instead of living off of me, which is fantastic."

And while Zoey is hitting the books at UCLA to further herself, the Good Eats star has found an alternative way to work on himself.

Alton and Neuriva, a brain health supplement, hosted the breakfast to celebrate Brain and Sleep Awareness Week and help encourage healthy sleep schedules after Daylights Savings Time.

"I was trying to kind of reorder my priorities, pointing more to brain health because I used my brain, but I've abused it pretty heavily through the years," Alton says of the start of his partnership with the brand.

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"I had come to a point in work probably about five years ago where it's like, 'I'm not doing the good work that I used to do. Why is that?' And I realized, because I have not taken care of myself," he adds. "I've made a much larger effort to reboot my life. I turned 60 last year and decided, 'I don't have as much time as I used to have, so I better make the most of what I've got.'"

Alton says forming routines, like working out regularly, setting a bedtime and eating meals at consistent times has helped him take better care of himself.

"You still have bad days and you have good days or you feel bad or you don't feel good. But I do believe there have been noticeable differences," he tells PEOPLE. "When I started taking Neuriva, things did get better for me personally, but I think that also had to do with the fact that I was changing up the routine and emphasizing the health."

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