Alton Brown Says He Was 'Deemed Not Smart Enough' to Be a Guest on Bill Nye's Netflix Show

Bill Nye Saves the World features guests like Karlie Kloss and Joel McHale—but not Alton Brown, much to his disappointment


Bad news, food nerds: When you start your binge session of Bill Nye‘s new Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World, don’t expect to see Alton Brown for very long.

“I’m only in the introduction piece before the titles of the show. I’m maybe on for 30 seconds,” he recently told PEOPLE of his cameo where he can be seen laughing in an enormous laboratory. “I’m not really in the show.”

The highly-anticipated science series features stars like Karlie Kloss, Zach Braff, Rachel Bloom, Tim Gunn, Donald Faison and Joel McHale—but not the Iron Chef Gauntlet host. “I’m not a guest,” he says. “I think I was deemed not young, hip or smart enough.”

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The decision to only be included in the show’s trailer (fueling our confusion earlier this year) was not Brown’s, he says. “I wanted to be [in it]! I think everyone in that show is just so gosh darn smart that they probably decided, ‘He’s not really as smart as you think, let’s get rid of that guy,'” he jokes.

But luckily, there are no hard feelings between the two brainy hosts. “Anyone who works in anything that even touches science has got to be a fan of Bill Nye,” says Brown. “Bill Nye kind of picked up where Mr. Wizard left off in the science-tv realm so yeah, I have always been a huge fan.”

Bill Nye Saves the World streams April 21 on Netflix.

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