The GLOW actress also opens up about having a "weird relationship with food."

By Jessica Fecteau
June 26, 2017 12:26 PM
Credit: Jeremy Liebman/

Alison Brie is getting real about dieting and eating in Hollywood.

The 34-year-old actress recently opened up to Marie Claire, revealing that her latest role as a female wrestler in the Netflix series GLOW has empowered her.

After spending hours training in the gym (and getting excited about being able to do pull-ups!), Brie says her training wasn’t necessarily about losing weight. “I’ve not stepped on a scale, ever. I don’t own one,” she says. “I’m mindful about what I’m eating, but I hate when people are like, ‘My favorite food is pizza and cheeseburgers and I look amazing!'”

But the former Mad Men star says she can relate to the trouble actresses face when it comes to having a good body image.

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“It’s just an interesting mindset, to think of food as fuel,” she says. “I’ve had f—-d up food issues like most women in Hollywood; my whole life I’ve had a weird relationship with food.”

Brie says at the end of the day though, she doesn’t let the pressure of Hollywood get to her, thanks in part to her role in GLOW. “It was nice to be like ‘I’m thinking about what I’m eating, but not in a psychotic way,'” she says.