Alex Rodriguez on Bonding with His Daughters in the Kitchen: 'We've Had a Lot More Family Time'

"It's been one of the nice things to come out of this pandemic, which has been so sad," the MLB legend says.

Alex Rodriguez loves spending time cooking with his daughters Natasha, 15, and Ella, 12 — that is, until they've had enough of him.

“They usually try to throw me out of the kitchen!” Rodriguez, 45, tells PEOPLE. “It’s not where I do my best work, and they’re quick to remind me of that.”

The MLB legend stars in a new commercial for LG alongside his two sous chefs and a few other famous faces including Billy Porter, Mindy Weiss and 2 Chainz that shows them virtually creating a homemade meal together using various appliances.

For his spot, Rodriguez chose to make "Chicharron de Pollo": Dominican fried chicken marinated in Latin spices.

“It’s something my mom always cooked, it’s a staple around the house and always really popular when we have people over,” he says.

Alex Rodriguez LG ad
Courtesy LG

In the commercial, Ella and Natasha express their surprise to see their dad preparing dinner. “Girls, who’s up for a four-course homestyle meal?” Rodriguez asks. “You’re cooking?” the girls respond in unison while exchanging confused looks.

As is the case for many families, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has meant more time at home for Rodriguez — and more time in the kitchen.

“We’ve had a lot more family time and home cooked meals lately,” he says.

Rodriguez says he and fiancé Jennifer Lopez have made nightly family dinners a routine while social distancing at home.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Natasha and Ella. Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

“It’s been one of the nice things to come out of this pandemic, which has been so sad,” he says.

The singer-dancer-actress usually handles meal prep, too, he reveals. “Jennifer is an incredible cook and does most of the cooking,” Rodriguez says. She learned that from her mom, Lupe, who also spoils us around the holidays.”

In September, Lopez, 51, told PEOPLE that the couple’s crew — Natasha and Ella and her 12-year-old twins, Max and Emme — try to keep it healthy.

“We try not to overdo it on the sweets and the salts and the sugars and the carbs," she said.

Rodriguez says he likes “a little bit of everything,” but some of his go-to dinners include steak and potatoes, arroz con habichuelas (Dominican rice and beans) or maduros (fried bananas).

Lopez said she hopes to continue their new dinner routine even when things "get back to normal.” She adds: ″The truth is, those moments are the ones that matter the most."

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