Alert! Oreo Debuts New, Slimmer Cookie Called Oreo Thins

Thin Oreos

Just when you thought there were no more possible Oreo variations …

On July 13, Oreo will unveil its latest version of their quintessential creme-stuffed sandwich cookie. No, it’s not a wacky new flavor that tastes of childhood nostalgia (red velvet, cotton candy, brownie batter). Rather, the new cookie is decidedly more delicate, sophisticated and, well, more adult.

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The brand-new cookie — Oreo Thins — promises to offer the ideal snacking experience for “anyone looking for a more grown-up option,” the Oreo press release reads. (Or anyone looking to eat triple as many Oreos without triple the guilt, as thinner size means lower calorie count.)

The thinner Oreo will be available in golden, original and mint flavors.

We tasted all three flavors at the PEOPLE office, and we’re already obsessed with the sleeker model: the perfect cookie-t0-creme ratio has finally been achieved. Here’s why: A thinner, crisper cookie means more creme, proportionally, and a satisfyingly crunchy nibbling experience. And again, as we mentioned earlier, the new calorie count (four Thins cookies are only 140 calories, while three Original OREO Cookies are 160) is conducive to eating significantly more with fewer consequences. (Or, if restraint isn’t your thing, you could eat all the flavors stacked on top of each other. That’s good too.)

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As is true of all Oreos, the delicate cookies basically demand a frothy latté or ice cold glass of milk. The only obstacle: is waiting until the 13th for the cookies to hit the market.

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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