Permission to ditch the turkey this year

By Morgan Raum
October 25, 2019 03:11 PM
Credit: Jessica Kelly

Are you dreading spending a ton of money and an entire week preparing a feast for your family this Thanksgiving? Well then you can be thankful for Aldi’s Turkey Cranberry Ravioli from Priano.

Forget the rest of the meal — now you can go ahead and serve this simple pasta at the dinner table instead. Okay, while you probably shouldn’t do that (angry family members and all), it really is the stuff(ing) of dreams.

This seasonal dish features regular pasta pouches filled with a blend of all the best traditional Thanksgiving foods: slow-roasted turkey, cranberries, stuffing, and fine cheese. The pasta takes approximately five minutes to prepare, and Priano recommends serving it with a pan-gravy sauce with fine herbs.

Credit: Jessica Kelly

Some customers are cooking the pasta and getting even more creative with their sauces. One Reddit user added peas, toasted walnuts, and mustard greens before cooking them together in a creamy cheese sauce with beer. A writer for The Kitchn crumbled white cheddar on top of the ravioli, along with a olive oil and salt and pepper. She reported that the pasta was delicious, as the “cheddar melted a little bit, leaving a creamy coating on the pasta. Each bite was a little sweeter than the last. But not too sweet.”

Credit: Jessica Kelly

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The Thanksgiving-inspired ravioli will be available again at Aldi starting on November 6, according to Best Products. Each package is $2.99 and will only be around for a limited time. Aldi is also selling a Bourbon Sweet Potato Ravioli, which will be available at the same time and is made with a blend of sweet potatoes, bourbon, and cheese.