Who Needs Chocolate? Aldi's $4 Heart-Shaped Cheeses Are the Perfect Valentine's Gift

Now you can make the most adorable appetizer for only $4.

Why does chocolate have to be the default on Valentine’s Day? Maybe the key to your special someone’s heart is to make your gift a little cheesier…literally.

The grocery chain Aldi is releasing an oh-so-adorable cheese assortment available in stores starting Jan. 30. Packaged in what looks like your average box of chocolates is four different cheeses, and two in the shape of a heart!

The Happy Farms Preferred Valentine’s Day Cheese Assortment includes a creamy cheese with cinnamon with raisins and diced apples, mature cheddar, Wensleydale with sweet cranberries and Wensleydale with raspberries and white chocolate (because you have to get the chocolate in there somehow).

Valentine's candy

The best part is, unlike most fancy cheeses, you can pick up this delicious variety for only $4. Who says adulting has to be expensive?

If you want to continue your cheese kick while shopping at Aldi, the grocery chain recently stocked their shelves with keto-friendly low-carb wraps that are made entirely out of cheese. The wraps are either made with cheddar, Jarslberg or Parmesan and are lactose-free for anyone with an allergy.

Just add some crackers and a bottle of wine, and we’d call that a pretty romantic meal.

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