January 08, 2016 02:46 PM


If you dread the sound of your phone’s default alarm waking you up every morning, there is now a better way to get your day started.

The Sensorwake alarm clock claims to wake you up with a timed release of scents like hot croissants and toast.

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Users insert a 30-use capsule of their preferred aroma (chocolate, peppermint, seaside and lush jungle are also available) and when the alarm goes off, the clock gradually releases the scent.

According to a press release, 99% of sleepers wake within two minutes. But skeptical buyers need not worry—there’s a backup sound alarm if you don’t hit the off button after three minutes.

The new product—which is available for pre-order and will start sending out deliveries by June—retails for $89 with two-pack capsules costing $10.90.

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Sensorwake comes from a 19-year-old French engineering student Giullaume Rolland who simply “hated mornings.”

But Rolland isn’t the first night owl to experiment with a scent-based alarm clock. In 2014, Oscar Meyer’s Wake Up & Smell the Bacon alarm clock app used the sound and smell of sizzling bacon. Perhaps Rolland’s version is a vegetarian’s best friend?

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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