"What in the cheetahlicious is this?" wrote one person on Twitter.

Adrienne Bailon Houghton recently revealed all her “favorite weird food combinations” on her YouTube channel, but one in particular has her fans especially shocked.

The first combo the singer delves into in the All Things Adrienne episode is tuna salad made with…wait for it…fruit punch. Not only does Houghton mix the bright-red, sugary drink primarily consumed by children in the bowl with canned fish, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, but she also dips the completed sandwich right into a glass of the stuff.

“I’ve been told that I make the most incredible tuna fish salad like you guys don’t even understand,” she says. “My tuna fish does not taste fishy number one and number two, it’s got mad flavor.”

The idea to add fruit punch came to her while she was in high school living in the Lower East Side in New York City. When whipping up an afternoon snack, she started with classic tuna fish salad ingredients but the end result wasn’t quite right.

“I already had really high-end taste buds with a really low-class budget,” she said. “How do I create something that’s amazing? And this my friends is what I created—and no one can tell me that doesn’t taste bomb.”

To be fair, The Real host knows her cravings—which also include banana quesadillas, French fries dipped in a McDonald’s McFlurry, and Cheerios fried in butter—sound bizarre at first.

“Y’all ain’t ready for my favorite weird food combinations,” she warns on YouTube. “I made up half of these as a kid growing up in the lower east side projects, but I’m still eating them today in my Bel Air home—that’s how you know they’re really good!”

Hundreds of commenters on her YouTube and followers on Twitter are not so sure she’s right, though.

“When i tell yall THIS TOOK ME OUTTTTTTT😭😭😭😭 what in the cheetahlicious is this?” one person wrote on Twitter.

Others, while equally confused, aren’t ruling out ever trying it themselves. “Tuna fish and fruit punch sandwich,” wrote a commenter. “I’m upset, I’m confused, I’m intrigued, I’m worried, I’m annoyed at myself for being open to trying this.”

Houghton defended her choices when a Twitter user questioned the video. “What is this about?!?” they wrote.

“This is REAL LIFE!” she responded. “Lol. I’m hungry & poor (11 year old me).”