Drink Your American Pride with This Red, White and Blue Ice Cube Hack

Who amongst us hasn’t longed to chill our drinks and display our love of country at the same time? Now, all of your patriotic dreams can come true with this easy hack.

To get perfectly patriotic red, white and blue layers on your ice cubes, it goes down like this: Cover the bottom of the tray with blueberries — go for the small ones — and top with just enough water to barely cover them. Freeze until frozen. Next, top with another small amount of cold water, keeping in mind you still need room for the raspberry layer. Freeze again, then add the raspberries (again, think small), cover with cold water, and freeze until it’s all frozen.

Put ’em in a glass and just add water — or, perhaps more realistically, your favorite cocktail — and sip away. Mmm…tastes like America.

Watch the video above to see exactly how it’s done then try it yourself. We found that the longer they stay in the trays in the freezer, the more the fruit flavor infuses into the cubes, so make ’em ASAP!

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