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We love sandwiches. We love potato chips. Put the two together and you create a marriage of good taste and great texture.

From America’s beloved PB&J to fried fish on a bun, we’ve rounded up some surprising — and mouthwatering — combinations you’ve got to try. Is it lunchtime yet?

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Talk about invigorating a sandwich! Tuna becomes a superstar when you add a layer of barbecue potato chips for a sensational smoky bite.

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How come we didn’t know about this when we were kids? The sweet-salty-nutty taste of PB&J and potato chips would’ve turned our school lunchboxes upside down with delight!

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Thinly sliced roast beef, peppery arugula, Gruyere and crunchy chips on a roll redefines the meaning of “meat and potatoes.”

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Normally we don’t advise pairing one crispy food with another, but this is the you’ll-thank-us-later exception: The crunchiness — and deliciousness — of the fried fish and potato chips is off the charts.

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Ground meat in a spicy tomato sauce. Cheddar cheese. Potato chips. Nirvana.

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As if a lobster roll wasn’t perfect as is, when you add chips, the sweet meat-salty potato combo will make you weep. And eat and eat.

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This simple sandwich with cheese, tomato and pickle leaves its mild-mannered persona behind with a potato chip makeover. And by “makeover,” we mean “culinary transformation.”

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Let’s be honest: Hummus is tasty but not the most exciting sandwich spread. To give it some get-up-and-go, pile on avocado, tomato slices, olives and plenty of salty chips for some much-needed texture.

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What do you get when you take a bite of a warm, just-grilled ham-cheese-pickle sammie stuffed with potato chips? Very happy taste buds.

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Your new breakfast addiction? Creamy melted Muenster hugging a warm fried egg between two slices of toasted bread with a few glorious potato chips. Yes, please!

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Though not technically a sandwich, bacon-wrapped wieners in a bun topped with veggies and chips was too genius not to include here. Consider it a bonus bite.

—Nancy Mattia

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