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Bella Hadid Says She Quit Drinking After Feeling Like She Couldn't 'Control' Herself
"I have done my fair share of drinking," said Bella Hadid, who announced her non-alcoholic beverage brand Kin Euphorics in September
Kate Hudson Shows Off Impressive Cooking Skills While Making Meatless Lasagna
The actress took her Instagram followers on a delicious journey Friday night when she documented herself whipping up dinner
The Great British Baking Show Is Being Adapted into a Stage Musical
Tickets are on sale now for Great British Bake Off: The Musical, currently scheduled to run in the U.K. from July 22 though Aug. 6
Joanna Gaines Celebrates Wrapping Magnolia Table Season 6 by Roller Skating Around the Kitchen
Joanna Gaines's "roller rink dreams" were complete with a disco ball and neon lights
Martha Stewart Reveals She's Been Struck by Lightning 3 Times: 'I Just Attract Electricity'
"If it doesn't kill you, I think it's good for you!" Martha Stewart joked, of her multiple lightning strikes
M&M's Redesigns Its Characters' Looks and Personalities to Be 'Representative of Today's Society'
The most notable changes are to the brown and green M&M's, the two female characters

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Tess Holliday Tries Her First-Ever Big Mac After Body-Shaming Followers Tell Her to 'Lay Off' of Them
The model's friend joked that "she’s the worst fat person in the world because she has not eaten so many staple fat foods"
Duff Goldman Celebrates 3-Year Wedding Anniversary with Wife Johnna: 'Love You Little Muff'
"I love my family so much it huurrtttsss," Johnna Goldman responded on the baker's sweet anniversary post
Coca-Cola Introduces Its Newest Flavor: Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha

Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha hits shelves on Feb. 7, and it comes with a redesign to the Coca-Cola flavors lineup