The Final Rose:
3 Reality Stars Find Their
Perfect Skincare Match

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Cooler temps call for a no-fail hydrating product but finding the right one for your skin can be tricky. Luckily, the new Garnier Water Rose line has something for everyone: a moisture gel, a moisture cream and a hydrating, cleansing micellar water. To put these products to the test, we gave three reality stars who have experienced heartbreak in the past a second chance at love — only this time, the potential object of their affection was a new hydrating skincare product. From their first impressions to whether they’re adding these products into their daily routines, the women tell all below.

Katie is a California girl who loves to spend time at the beach and get in a yoga session when she isn’t working. She’s a minimalist when it comes to beauty and prefers a solid skincare routine to a full face of makeup. “I use a face wash, toner, moisturizer and SPF every single day,” she says. “My skin has been on the drier side since I moved to California, so I look for moisturizing products.”

This product goes on smoothly
and doesn’t take much to cover my
face and neck.

"The 24H Moisture Gel is lightweight, and the scent is subtle,” she says of the product from Garnier’s Water Rose line that provides long-lasting hydration. “It goes on smoothly and doesn’t take much to cover my face and neck.” Another plus? The bottle is small enough to toss in her purse when she’s going on a one-on-one date, hopping on a red-eye or even heading to a cocktail party. “I’m planning to keep using this product, especially in the winter, since my skin gets really dry,” she says, because she feels like soft, hydrated skin is worth fighting for.

When she’s not teaching or taking a hot Pilates class, Haley is hanging out with her identical twin sister, Emily, or loving on her pups (she has three!). She has dry skin, so she’s been on a journey to find a moisturizing product that gives her a hydrated, paradise-worthy glow. “I only use a few beauty products during the week, but I love a full face on the weekends, so I need a product I can wear under makeup,” she says, which is why she’s falling for the Water Rose 24H Moisture Cream.

I love this moisturizer because
it gives me a nice glow without making
me feel oily.

“I’ve always struggled to find a moisturizer that keeps my skin soft and smooth all day long,” she explains. “I love this one because it gives me a nice glow without making me feel oily.” She uses it after showering and before applying makeup, or to refresh her skin after Pilates. “I’ve been using it every day and my skin has never felt so moisturized,” she says of the cream, which can keep skin hydrated for 24 hours. It seems like Haley has found the rose-worthy product she’s been searching for.

As a dancer and fitness instructor, Sydney is always working up a sweat — which is why she needs a powerful cleansing product that will keep her skin from breaking out. “I generally wear makeup every day, so I need products I can count on to keep my skin fresh,” she says, so we decided to set her up on a one-on-one with the Water Rose Micellar Cleansing Water.

I like to use this product
instead of a cleanser because it doesn’t
dry out my face.

“I like to use this product at night before applying moisturizer,” she explains. “In the morning, I use it instead of a cleanser because it doesn’t dry out my face.” She likes that it’s easy to use since she’s always on the go teaching classes, going to rehearsals and doing photo shoots. “I’m definitely going to incorporate this product into my daily routine,” she says. “It keeps my skin fresh, clean and glowing.” Sounds like a genuine match to us.

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