A Day in the Life of a Famous Pup


Being a doggy celebrity takes work. Luckily, this pup is a natural at napping, posing for the camera, and eating treats that keep her looking good.

Everyone thinks being a model is easy, but ask Willie (@williecute), a pup with nearly 60,000 social media fans, and she’d probably say it’s not all fashion and fun. Sure, it takes good genes—thanks to being a Yorkshire terrier she has tousled blonde locks and a button nose—but it’s about good habits, too. She spends her days posing for photo shoots and her nights sleeping a solid 11 hours—and she never shows up for work without a bath and blow dry. But her biggest beauty secret is snacking on GREENIES™, a treat that keeps her teeth pearly white.  

Watch the video to see how this tiny fashionista became a social media celebrity with the help of her entourage.