My Favorite 'Mom Swimsuit' Garners Compliments from Perfect Strangers, and It's Under $35 on Amazon

The flattering swimsuit’s ruffle top helps me feel my best

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Tempt Me Women's One Piece Swimsuit Tout
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I'm just going to say it: After having five kids, stress-eating my way through a pandemic, and basically living my life on a screen for the past decade, I am not super comfortable with the way I look in a swimsuit. But am I going to avoid making memories with my kids because I dread putting on a swimsuit? No way. I'm fully a "get your hair wet" kind of mom.

That's why I appreciate when a swimsuit helps me feel just a teensy bit more comfortable in my skin, and this super affordable swimsuit I picked up on a whim from Amazon before a spring break waterpark trip does just the trick.

Tempt Me Women's One Piece Swimsuit

Buy It! Tempt Me Women's One Piece Off-the-Shoulder Ruffled Swimsuit, $27.99–$34.99;

I purchased this swimsuit when I needed a new one during my fifth pregnancy, and three years later, this suit is still going strong. I was shocked when I debuted it at the water park and had moms coming up to me all day long with compliments — it's almost like my fellow moms can appreciate when a suit is both cute and comfortable to wear, especially in a place as horrible as a kids' waterpark during spring break.

I was first drawn to the suit because of the ruffled off-the-shoulder design. I have very broad shoulders and large arms — they served me well during my time doing the butterfly for a high school swim team, and certainly in hoisting five children around, but they're also one of the parts of myself I'm pretty self-conscious about.

It's hard to find a swimsuit that covers your arms, so I loved that this one had the option. Plus, when I was newly pregnant, the ruffled piece hung nicely near my stomach, so I felt like it helped with that awkward "is that a pregnant belly or just lunch?" phase. It also has adjustable and removable straps, which are key for a good fit, and removable padded cups.

The material of the suit is very high quality; it's thick and holds my stomach in nicely and doesn't ride up in the back like some suits that feel like a perma-wedgie. As I mentioned earlier, I've had this suit for close to four years now, and with a pool at home, I've used it constantly — and it's definitely held up. The suit is basically as good as the day I bought it.

I will say that if you're looking to do laps in your pool, this is probably not the best suit for that, since the ruffled top will drag you down. And if you're spending a lot of time going in and out of the water, the top can feel a little chilly, since it will be wet. But on days when I know I'll be consistently in the water or I just want a little extra coverage at the pool or beach, I love it.

And I'm clearly not the only fan of this suit: It has over 6,800 five-star ratings on Amazon. Moms of all shapes and sizes, especially those of us who are bigger on the top, seem to appreciate the cut and style of this suit.

"I cannot state enough how flattering this suit is, and I hate wearing bathing suits," wrote one satisfied Amazon reviewer. They mentioned that the suit is great for when you "don't want to draw attention to your arms" and that it "hides any imperfections around the middle."

Another reviewer mentioned how the suit is "really flattering," especially in the stomach and chest areas. And still another mentioned that, like me, "perfect strangers" complimented her on the suit and also loved how "the flounce ruffle helps when you have large upper arms."

One of the best parts of this suit is how many color options there are. Shoppers can choose from more than 30 colors and patterns, from hot pink to classic solids to leopard print and polka dots. And if you're looking for more patterns and styles, there's an adorable lace ruffle version, too.

You can pick up this suit in sizes from extra-small to 22 Plus, and while some reviewers found it helpful to size up, I personally found the fit true to size. I was a size large before getting pregnant, so I bought an extra-large to wear during pregnancy and have kept that size in my postpartum years.

Bottom line: I love this suit for its extra coverage on the top, high-quality material that helps hold everything in, and ability to make me feel a teensy bit cute while I play in the water with my kids. Plus, if a mom compliments you on a swimsuit in real life, you know it's the real deal.

Tempt Me Women's One Piece Swimsuit Vintage Off Shoulder Ruffled Bathing Suits

Buy It! Tempt Me Women's One Piece Off-the-Shoulder Ruffled Swimsuit, $27.99–$34.99;

Tempt Me Women's One Piece Swimsuit Vintage Off Shoulder Ruffled Bathing Suits

Buy It! Tempt Me Women's One Piece Off-the-Shoulder Ruffled Swimsuit, $27.99–$34.99;

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