Goodthreads Women's Georgette Smock-Back Cami Midi Dress

Shoppers Say They Get 'Flooded with Compliments' in This Colorful $38 Summer Dress

“This dress flatters my body and highlights my shape in an amazing way!”
By Sanah Faroke
May 23, 2021 11:00 PM
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Stocking up on cute summer dresses is definitely the way to go as the weather gets warmer  - no complaints here! Lightweight dresses are perfect for the season because they're designed with comfort and style in mind. If you're rounding up some of the prettiest "must buy" picks, consider the Goodthreads Georgette Smocked Midi Dress that's only $38 on Amazon. 

Made with lightweight polyester, the Georgette sundress is just what you need right now to feel comfy outdoors. The thin fabric has moisture-wicking qualities shoppers say help them stay cool on a day-to-day basis, making it "perfect for anything."

Buy It! Goodthreads Georgette Smocked Midi Dress, $37.90;

The sundress has a gorgeous flowy design that allows air to travel through as you walk and  "drapes almost like silk" over the body. It has adjustable spaghetti straps to customize a proper fit and cinches at the waist, creating flattering pleats over the tummy area. 

Reviewers with larger chests love the smocked bodice because the stretchy material in the back provides enough give without making their breasts feel "smashed flat." The high-neck top also gives you extra coverage in the chest area for a modest appearance. 

And bonus: Shoppers say the side pockets were a happy surprise. "Comfort and functionality are huge for me," writes one Amazon shopper. "Not only is this dress really lightweight and comfortable, but it has POCKETS! Not little tiny rinky-dink pockets, but BIG ones you can fit your phone and your entire hand into!"

People are pretty much obsessed with this dress that gets them "flooded with compliments" every time they leave the house. It's no wonder they're buying it in multiple colors. Thankfully, there are over 15 floral and solid print options to choose from. 

"I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this dress," writes a reviewer. "Not only is it lightweight and perfect for the hot summer weather, but it fits like a dream! I'm a curvier woman and love the way this dress flatters my body and highlights my shape in an amazing way!" 

Ready to add a new dress (or maybe two) to your closet? Go with the $38 Goodthreads Georgette Smocked Midi Dress while it's in stock ahead of summer. 

Buy It! Goodthreads Georgette Smocked Midi Dress, $37.90;

Buy It! Goodthreads Georgette Smocked Midi Dress, $37.90;

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