Heated Jackets Are Having a Huge Moment This Season, and Amazon Shoppers Say These Are the Best

Including soft shell parkas, fleece-lined styles, and more

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Best Heated Jackets for Women
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You know the feeling you get when you take a big gulp of hot cocoa or apple cider? A rush of heat spreads through your chest and fills your body with warmth. Well, when you wear a heated jacket, that feeling never ends. It's like having a heating pad attached to your body, but without the extra weight. If you're thinking, "Why have I never owned one before?" you're probably not alone.

Whether you're shoveling snow off of your driveway or you're always cold at outdoor sporting events, chances are, you've wished for a warmer coat before. The answer to your plea is here: A heated jacket keeps you toasty without having to wear multiple layers underneath. Powered by batteries, most heated jackets last between a couple of hours to a few days, depending on the battery strength, so you can comfortably tailgate for a football game or scrape ice off of your windshield without shivering the whole time.

From fleece-lined picks to soft shell parkas, there's bound to be a style and fit of a heated jacket that you'll love. Unfortunately, because of their innovative design, heated jackets aren't cheap. But the investment is worthwhile, and you likely won't regret it when you're the only one not shaking in the cold while ice skating.

Although, you might be surprised to see these 10 heated jackets for women on Amazon actually range from $140 to $220, which probably isn't that much more expensive than what you pay for coats without heaters. Choose between Amazon shoppers' top picks for a heated jacket below.

The Best Heated Jackets for Women:

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Buy It! Venustas Unisex Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood $129.99–$139.99; amazon.com

This jacket is Amazon's number one best-seller in women's work utility and safety outerwear, so you know it's legit. One of the over 1,000 shoppers who gave it a five-star rating said they'd "give this one 10 stars" if they could, and raved about how warm it kept them while walking their dog in Ohio.

"I plugged in the battery last night and this morning we took our walk like normal," they explained. "The only thing different today [was] that I wasn't miserable! I actually got a little warm. I had the jacket set too high, but turned it down along the way, and ended up turning it off about half way and unzipping about three-fourths of the way home! I'm so happy with this jacket."

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Buy It! Ororo Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket in Black, $149.99–$159.99; amazon.com

A whopping 4,000 customers have given this heated jacket a five-star rating and raved about how warm it keeps them. "After wearing this Ororo heated jacket (slim fit) for close to two years, I can honestly say I love it," wrote one shopper. "I've had zero issues [with] any parts. The battery is still charging to full capacity and works just as well as when I got it… I loved this jacket so much I bought an extra for myself, plus just ordered three as gifts for others."

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Buy It! Ororo Women's Heated Parka Jacket, $219.99; amazon.com

Although this is the priciest heated jacket on the list, it's also the longest, which adds plenty of warmth on its own. "This is one of the best purchases I have made," said a happy customer. "It's warm even without turning on the warmers. I live on a cold and windy mountain. It definitely blocks the wind and all the warmers work correctly. The hood is nice and warm… The coat is definitely worth the price."

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Buy It! Ptahdus Women's Heated Jacket Soft Shell with Hand Warmer,$149.99; amazon.com

Over 1,300 Amazon reviewers have rated this heated jacket five stars, and one customer had nothing but positive things to say about making the decision to try it. "This is my very first heated jacket and I honestly don't know what took me so long to purchase one!" they wrote. "I'm always cold especially with the changes in season and this past week, this jacket has been a lifesaver. The jacket is a very nice material inside and out. The inside is super soft… Got to use this on a super windy 36-degree day and I still felt the heat on my back and chest."

Dewbu Women's Heated Jacket

Buy It! Dewbu Women's Heated Jacket, $169.99; amazon.com

With over 5,400 Amazon ratings (mostly five stars), this heated jacket is widely popular for wintry climates. Made with a blend of polyester and spandex, it's resistant to water and scratches, and plays nice with the washing machine (just take out the battery pack first). One customer was so impressed with the heating zones on this jacket, they wrote, "It has three adjustable heat settings, and when I used it on the medium setting the battery lasted for six hours. The warmth was fantastic!" With five heating zones placed around the jacket, this is a hub of warmth perfect for long days spent outside.

Ororo Women's Heated Jacket-Full Zip Fleece Jacket with Battery Pack

Buy It! Ororo Women's Heated Jacket-Full Zip Fleece Jacket with Battery Pack, $139.99; amazon.com

If you're looking for a simple everyday jacket for the blistering cold months of the year, this pick from Ororo has a timeless design. The cotton and polyester material help keep wind out, and the three carbon fiber heating elements wrap your torso in warmth. This is a great layering jacket, so if you are in a chilly climate, you could even add a vest on top. One customer called the jacket "a life-changer," saying they're always cold due to health issues and this jacket keeps them so warm they've never had to use the highest heat level.

Tidewe Heated Jacket for Women with Battery Pack

Buy It! Tidewe Heated Jacket for Women with Battery Pack, $99.99–$129.99; amazon.com

If you spend long days outside, whether for work or sport, this heated jacket will be the reason you can stay out longer. One happy customer said, "I absolutely love this jacket! I live in Ohio and it gets pretty cold. I love wearing this for my son's baseball and football games." With a durable exterior and fleece interior, this jacket will endure all kinds of weather and keep you toasty throughout. Despite the heat element, it can also be machine washed more than 50 times.

Venustas Women's Heated Jacket with Battery Pack

Buy It! Venustas Women's Heated Jacket with Battery Pack, $199.99; amazon.com

This stylish jacket is completely versatile for outdoor wear, wherever you go. Made with 100 percent polyester, it's machine washable and water-resistant. You can detach the hood if you want a more tailored look, or lock it in place for colder days to keep your head warm. Between the mylar thermal lining and three heat elements that warm up quickly, you won't be cold wearing this jacket. And as an added benefit, you can charge your phone with the same battery pack that heats the jacket. A customer praised the temperature control and wrote, "The fabric is very soft and smooth and the temperature changes help keep my body warm."

Venture Heat Women's Bluetooth Heated Jacket with Battery Pack

Buy It! Venture Heat Women's Bluetooth Heated Jacket with Battery Pack, $148; amazon.com

With a classic zippered silhouette, this is an ideal jacket when you need some extra warmth — and it comes with some nifty tech features. For instance, it connects to an app on your phone via bluetooth so you can control the heat settings with a simple swipe. It's also long-lasting. You can rely on this jacket for up to 10 hours of cozy warmth until it's time to recharge (depending on the heat setting you have on). Unique to this jacket, there's even a heat element in the collar to keep your neck warm. As one customer put it, "Winter just got better."

Dewbu Polar Fleece Electric Heating Hoodie

Buy It! Dewbu Polar Fleece Electric Heating Hoodie, $139.99; amazon.com

This is the ideal winter fleece — one you won't be daunted to leave the house in because the warmth will go with you. With three heat settings and five zones of warmth, you can create the perfect temperature in this jacket to last you all day, or up to four hours at the highest heat level (10 at the lowest). The hood is designed to protect against the wind, and there's tons of storage via a series of pockets. One customer said they loved "how it feels, heats, [and] looks." And when you've finished your outing, the jacket is also machine washable.

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