These Breathable Cotton Thongs Are a Favorite of Amazon Shoppers

A pack of six is only $10
By Jayla Andrulonis
August 06, 2020 05:15 PM
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While it’s always exciting to add a cute summer dress to your cart or snag a pair of celeb-loved sneakers on sale, sometimes you just need to stock up on the essentials. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too. After all, what you wear underneath your clothes sets the tone for how comfortable you are, so you can feel confident throughout the day no matter what you’re wearing

That means the type of underwear you put on the morning can make all the difference. Luckily, the shopping sleuths of Amazon have already pointed us in the right direction — towards these Anzermix Breathable Cotton Thong Panties

The six-pack set is a number one best-seller in the retailer's women's thongs category that’s racked up more than 1,700 perfect reviews, with shoppers calling them the “comfiest underwear ever.” Many of the reviews for the low-rise underwear rave about their surprisingly good quality and ability to hold up to wear at a budget-friendly price of $10.

“I have had such a hard time finding good panties at stores lately. I constantly buy expensive underwear that barely lasts and falls apart,” one shopper said. “These feel like they will last a much longer time than most underwear I see at stores. The fabric is a little on the thin side but very comfortable, and it doesn't show a panty line.”

Since they’re made with a cotton blend, some reviewers suggest sizing up if you prefer a less snug fit as they tend to shrink in the dryer after some wear. Another enthusiastic shopper went on to say, “These thong underwear are fantastic. They are soft, stretchy, and comfortable. The elasticity fits smoothly on your skin and doesn't pinch at all...I was so worried they would be too tight and miserable to wear. But they are wonderful, smooth, stretch, breathable, and comfortable to wear! They don't ride up on you either.”

Stocking up on quality essentials is always a good idea. Right now, you can head to Amazon to grab the best-seller thong packs in multiple colorways. 


Buy It! Anzermix Breathable Cotton Thong Panties in Assorted, $9.99;


Buy It! Anzermix Breathable Cotton Thong Panties in Basics, $9.99;


Buy It! Anzermix Breathable Cotton Thong Panties in Black, $9.99;


Buy It! Anzermix Breathable Cotton Thong Panties in Stripes, $9.99;