Feel passionately about your entertainment? Now's the time to make your voice heard by voting in our weekly PEOPLE Picks poll
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Are you the person your friends text first when they're stumped on what to watch next on Netflix? Do you always have the most up-to-date Spotify playlist and thrive on new music? Have you got your own personal leaderboard for best movies of the past decade — and took home all the cash in your Oscars pool? Then you're ready to vote in PEOPLE's Fan Pick of the Week.

Every week, our PeopleTV and People Twitter handles will throw out a question to the fans, asking you to vote on a hot topic in entertainment that week. You vote, we tally the results and the winner will get featured in our new weekly PEOPLE Picks segment, highlighting the absolute best, buzziest and most can't-miss moments happening that week across all your favorite forms of entertainment.

Check in every Monday on PeopleTV's Twitter handle to answer that week's poll, and stay tuned weekly for more chances to make your voice heard and be even more in-the-know about what's coming up next.