It’s a Friends fan's dream come true

By Christina Butan
October 31, 2019 03:41 PM
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It’s the one with…all the cards!

If you’ve ever wished you could add a little Friends humor to a round of Cards Against Humanity, now you can. “The One With All the Cards” is an expansion pack for the party game inspired by the popular TV show, packed with fun quotes and jokes any Friends lover will recognize. (Including Ross Geller’s infamous, “What are you doing to my sister?” line.) The product description says the deck includes 90 black cards, 144 white cards, and blank cards to create your own.

Buy it! The One With All the Cards, $15.99 (orig. $21.99) on

While it’s worth noting that this expansion pack is created by third-party shop Lacesi and not Cards Against Humanity, shoppers still enjoy it nonetheless.

“If you’re a Friends fan this game is for you! At first you will want to finish the sentence on each card with the correct answer. That’s fun, but when you plan your game night you will play for hours. It was way more inappropriate than I had anticipated, but that was just a bonus!” one reviewer wrote. “It’s hysterical — your friends that aren’t a Friends fan (their loss) will still enjoy it very much. Buy this game and your game night will go to a whole new level.”

The game is not eligible for Prime shipping, so it can take a couple of weeks for your order to arrive. There is another version of the game from the same seller that is Prime eligible for $29.99, but it’s unclear what the differences are.

But Friends isn’t the only beloved TV show with its own expansion pack: There’s also a The Office deck from the same maker.

Buy it! Box Against Office, $25.99 on

Whether you’re a Friends fanatic or know someone who is, this is a must-have for anyone who loves the show and Cards Against Humanity. Below, shop the original game that boasts over 30,000 five-star reviews, plus more fun expansion packs created by the gamemakers.

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