You’ll be cracking up in no time

By Christie Calucchia
April 16, 2020 04:03 PM
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Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty; Target

Celebrities are self-quarantining and social distancing just like the rest of us. And, as always, they’re providing plenty of ideas for what to wear, eat, and do. If you have kids and are looking for ways to keep them (and yourself!) entertained, take a page from Drew Barrymore’s book and pick up a hilarious family-friendly board game.

Barrymore posted a video on Instagram earlier this week that showed her kids playing a board game called Don’t Step In It. The game involves walking blindfolded along a mat that looks like grass while attempting to avoid stepping in fake dog poop. (It’s even made out of squishy material for a realistic “splat!” when things go wrong.) Players turn a spinner that determines whether they have to add, remove, or rearrange the “stool” and to see how many steps they’ll have to take across the mat. The person who steps in the fewest poo piles wins.

Credit: Target

Buy It! Hasbro Don’t Step In It Board Game, $11.29,

The silly game provides the kind of lighthearted fun we could all use a little more of right now. It’s fit for kids ages 4 and up and will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. Plus, it will get everyone up and moving around. You could even take it outside to the backyard for some fresh air (and a more realistic environment).

“It’s the best game!” Barrymore wrote in her Instagram caption. “I bought it the other day and it was a wonderful addition to our gaming arsenal!”

You can scoop up the dog park-themed game for yourself from Target for just $11.29. It’s sure to become one of your family’s go-to picks from the game cupboard.

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