The 10 Best Dog Advent Calendars of 2022

These countdowns will get you and your pup in the holiday spirit

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Advent calendars are such a fun way to count down the holiday season. Historically, each calendar window revealed an image (often from the nativity scene). Today, advent calendars have evolved into more of a gifting opportunity, containing everything from cheese and beauty products to small articles of clothing. There are even advent calendars for dogs (and trust us, your pup will love being treated to a surprise each morning).

So what's behind each door? Some are filled with tasty treats while others contain toys, and some have a little of both — keeping you and your pup on your toes as you count down to Christmas.

Our favorite is the Good Trouble Advent Calendar for Dogs, a 25-day box filled with 50 all-natural soft chews. But we rounded up several more worth considering, including options for all breeds and sizes.

These are the best dog advent calendars for every pooch.

Best Overall

Good Trouble Advent Calendar for Dogs


Williams Sonoma

Who It's Good For
  • This is just the thing for pet parents who want to spoil their pup with nutritional treats over the holidays.

Who It's Not Good For
  • It's not good for those who don't want to spend more than $30 on a pet calendar.

Good Trouble's 25-day advent calendar contains 50 good-for-your-pet treats. Behind each numbered door are two adorable heart-shaped soft chews. The treats are made with all-natural ingredients, like glucosamine, omega-3s, vitamins C and E, flaxseed, and oat flour. And they're all individually wrapped to ensure freshness throughout the month.

Since these are technically supplements, you'll want to be mindful of the dosage. If your dog is over 30 pounds, you can give them both chews each day. For dogs under 30 pounds, stick to one a day and save the rest for the following month. And if you happen to have two small pups at home, this is the perfect all-in-one countdown calendar.

The price is steep for a dog advent calendar — or any advent calendar, for that matter. But if you want to spoil your fur baby with healthy treats this holiday season, you can't go wrong.

Price at Time of Publish: $40

Duration: 25 days | Contents: Supplement treats

Best Budget

Good 'n' Fun 12 Days of Dogmas Holiday Calendar



Who It's Good For
  • This countdown calendar is perfect for budget shoppers and meat-loving dogs.

Who It's Not Good For
  • It's not good for dogs with wheat allergies.

On a budget? The 12 Days of Dogmas Calendar is an excellent choice that won't break the bank. As the name suggests, it contains 12 days worth of chewy treats dogs love. You'll get eight twist sticks and four kebabs, each packed with natural ingredients and meaty flavors.

We're talking beef, pork, chicken, and duck sourced from real animal hide and liver. Just a heads up, these treats contain wheat flour, so they're not good for gluten-free households or pets with wheat allergies.

Price at Time of Publish: $10

Duration: 12 days | Contents: Treats

Best Splurge

Bonne et Filou Advent Calendar for Dogs


Neiman Marcus

Who It's Good For
  • Filled with an assortment of festive handmade treats, it's perfect for gifting and those looking to spoil their pets.

Who It's Not Good For
  • This isn't the advent calendar for budget shoppers.

If you're willing to spend a little extra treating your fur baby during the holidays (or if you're shopping for another devoted dog owner), consider splurging on the Bonne et Filou Advent Calendar. This fancy box contains 24 edible surprises, including 12 bones, eight dog-friendly truffles, and four macaron-style biscuits.

Made with human-grade ingredients, the treats are not only safe for dogs but for people too! With festive sprinkles and frosting, they certainly look good enough to eat, which makes the experience all the more fun for you and your pet.

Price at Time of Publish: $69.99

Duration: 24 days | Contents: Treats and bones

Best with Meat

Merry & Bright Deck the Howls with Jerky Dog Treat Advent Calendar



Who It's Good For
  • With four types of jerky behind 25 doors, this calendar is a great choice for meat-loving dogs.

Who It's Not Good For
  • It may not be ideal for those who want to treat their pup indoors.

The Deck the Howls Calendar is filled with an assortment of jerky treats for meat-loving dogs. Behind the 25 doors are easy-to-chew morsels of various shapes containing nothing more than real meat — no wheat, no rice, no additives.

Throughout December, your pet will enjoy chewing on chicken jerky, turkey jerky, duck jerky, and beef bully sticks. Since the pieces might leave a stain, it's best to give them to your pup outdoors or on low-maintenance hard floors.

Price at Time of Publish: $27.99

Duration: 25 days | Contents: Jerky treats

Wüfers Dog Cookie Advent Calendar

Wüfers Advent Cookie Calendar


Who It's Good For
  • The fresh-baked treats come in fun shapes with pet-safe frosting and sprinkles both dogs and their owners will enjoy.

Who It's Not Good For
  • It's not ideal for budget shoppers and wheat-free households.

If you have biscuits in mind for your pup, the Wüfers Advent Cookie Calendar might be your best bet. It's filled with 24 fresh-baked treats in fun bone and paw shapes you and your dog will love.

All biscuits contain high-quality, human-grade ingredients sourced locally from the Canadian bakery that makes them. While the ingredients list is considered safe for dogs, they're made with whole wheat flour, so this might not be a great choice for gluten-free households.

Price at Time of Publish: $59.95

Duration: 24 days | Contents: Biscuit treats

Best Decorated Treats

Bosco & Roxy's Bark The Halls Dog Treat Advent Calendar


World Market

Who It's Good For
  • These hand-decorated, pet-safe cookies are delicious to dogs and beautiful to people.

Who It's Not Good For
  • It's not good for gluten-free households.

Bosco & Roxy's is known for its gourmet, artisanal dog biscuits. Their dog advent calendar is a box with bone-shaped holiday cookies hidden behind 24 festive flaps.

Each treat is baked with human-grade ingredients and hand-decorated with pet-safe frosting and sprinkles. The main ingredients are applesauce and crushed peanuts, but we should note the biscuits also contain wheat and soy.

Price at Time of Publish: $24.99

Duration: 24 days | Contents: Treats

Best with Bones

DreamBone Holiday Rawhide-Free Collection



Who It's Good For
  • Filled with chicken candy canes, jerky-wrapped sticks, and classic bones, this advent calendar will keep your dog busy chewing all month long.

Who It's Not Good For
  • It might not be suitable for larger dogs.

If your dog's preferred treats are bones, this is the one to get. The Furry Christmas Advent Calendar contains 24 assorted surprises your pet will go wild for this holiday season.

There are eight chicken-flavored candy canes, eight jerky-wrapped sticks, and eight classic mini-bones baked with sweet potato. Each piece is edible, but you'll want to toss out any remaining chunks. Also, the bones should be bigger than your dog's mouth to prevent choking, so this advent calendar might not be a good option for larger dogs.

Price at Time of Publish: $14.37

Duration: 24 days | Contents: Bones

Best with Toys

Frisco Holiday 12 Day Advent Calendar with Toys for Dogs



Who It's Good For
  • From plushies and ropes to squeaky toys, the assortment will keep curious, playful pets busy for hours on end.

Who It's Not Good For
  • The toys could be a choking hazard for larger dogs.

Interested in a toy-filled advent calendar? Check out this 12-day box from Frisco. Behind each door is a unique toy your dog will go crazy for, from plushies and ropes to squeakers.

There are even a couple of virtually indestructible rubbery thermoplastic toys that'll keep your pet busy for hours on end. We should note that since the toys are relatively small, they could be a choking hazard for larger breeds. For this reason, this countdown calendar is recommended for small and medium-sized dogs.

Price at Time of Publish: $36.85

Duration: 12 days | Contents: Toys

Best Assortment

Kong 12 Days of Excitement Holiday Calendar



Who It's Good For
  • Filled with treats, toys, and accessories, this countdown calendar offers surprises dogs and their owners will enjoy.

Who It's Not Good For
  • It's not good if you're looking for something filled with just treats.

Kong's 12 Days of Excitement Calendar is filled with treats and toys. When you open the doors, you'll find four durable balls for playing fetch, a squeezy ball, a plush toy, and several holiday-shaped snacks, including biscuits, jerky, and doggie pretzels.

There are a few festive accessories, too, like a collar tag and a bandana. The freestanding box can be placed on your counter, mantle, or on a shelf in your entryway, so you can open a window before heading out on your daily walks.

Price at Time of Publish: $48.97

Duration: 12 days | Contents: Toys and treats

Best Hanukkah

Frisco 8 Days of Hanukkah Calendar for Dogs



Who It's Good For
  • The Hanukkah-themed assortment of toys can be enjoyed both during and after the Festival of Lights.

Who It's Not Good For
  • The toys could be a choking hazard for large breeds.

Frisco's Hanukkah countdown calendar features a unique doggie toy behind each of the eight doors. The assortment includes tug ropes, plushies, and squeaky toys shaped like dreidels, menorahs, latkes, sufganiyot, and other traditional treats.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed to enjoy during the Festival of Lights and beyond. Since the toys are somewhat small and could be a choking hazard for large breeds, this advent calendar is recommended for small and medium dogs.

Price at Time of Publish: $12.49

Duration: 8 days | Contents: Toys

How to Pick the Right Dog Advent Calendar

Treats or Toys

Dog advent calendars are typically filled with either treats or toys. Treats can be anything from jerky and nutritional supplements to biscuits and holiday cookies, complete with pet-safe frosting and sprinkles. Some contain bone chews designed to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Advent calendar toys are usually on the smaller side, as they have to fit behind the cardboard doors. You'll often see an assortment of squeakers, plushies, ropes, and balls. While most calendars are filled with one or the other, the Kong Holiday 12 Day Calendar contains both treats and toys for your pup.

Your Pet's Age and Size

Your pet's age and size should be taken into account when buying a holiday countdown calendar. Small treats can typically be enjoyed by pups of most sizes and life stages. However, if the box is filled with nutritional supplements, check the dosage to ensure you're not giving your dog too much. Also, the mini bones and toys that fit behind the little doors could be a choking hazard for larger breeds.

Number of Days

When browsing advent calendars for dogs, note the number of days on the box. Those meant to be started on December 1 feature 24 or 25 days worth of surprises for counting down to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

There are also 12-day options. Traditionally, the "12 Days of Christmas" span from December 25 through January 5, meaning you could gift a 12-piece advent calendar on Christmas Day. But lots of folks like to use them as a countdown starting on December 14. You'll find eight-day Hanukkah calendars for your pup, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are different types of dog advent calendars?

    The main types of dog advent calendars are those containing toys and those containing treats. Treats can be anything from jerky to biscuits to bones. Beyond that, the differences lie in the number of days and the holiday. Some count down to Christmas, others are for Hanukkah, and some are a more ambiguous celebration of the holiday season.

  • Where should I place my dog advent calendar?

    As long as it's out of reach for your pet, you can place a dog advent calendar nearly anywhere in your home. The decorative designs can be displayed on your kitchen counter or a floating shelf, windowsill, or mantle. Just be mindful of the heat when placing a treat-filled box near your fireplace.

  • Can puppies have an advent calendar?

    Many dog advent calendars are considered safe for puppies. In fact, those filled with mini toys are often ideal for smaller dogs, as they can be a choking hazard for large breeds. However, if yours contains nutritional supplements, note the recommended dosage to ensure you're not giving your pup too much. You're wise to check with your vet before starting an advent calendar with your puppy. And always store the box out of reach of your pet.

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