Jarrae Estepp was featured in videos about the plight of sex workers

For months, a group that brings attention to the plight of sex workers tried to help Jarrae Nykkole Estepp.

Meanwhile, the website JohnTV produced several videos of the beautiful 21-year-old mom from Modesto, Calif., showing her as she walked the streets of Oklahoma City, pregnant, getting in and out of strangers’ cars.

The JohnTV videos urged a crackdown, or the city would “continue to lose our daughters,” while No Boundaries International, an Edmond, Okla.-based nonprofit group, brought Jarrae blankets and donations for her infant son. It also prayed with her.

But now the two groups are mourning her grisly death.

Police in Anaheim, Calif., say Estepp was murdered and dumped naked in a garbage bin. Her body was discovered last week on a conveyor belt inside a trash-sorting facility.

Nobody is designed to be sold over and over throughout the day, to experience the violence and consequences these girls end up experiencing,” Lori Basey, president No Boundaries International, told the Los Angeles Times.

The group held a candlelight vigil for Estepp Monday evening.

The JohnTV website says that, in its encounters with Estepp, whose street name was Sarah, she revealed that she very much missed her deceased father and considered herself close to her younger brother.

The site also posted several reports chronicling her arrests for prostitution and other petty crimes.

Detectives were trying to determine where the body came from, as the facility receives trash from northern Orange County and part of Los Angeles County. It was also not clear how long the body had been in the trash.