"I've never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life," Kathleen Hampton said

By Tara Fowler
March 06, 2015 03:35 PM

An Oregon woman is seeking $100,000 from a restaurant because she claims she received poor service.

Kathleen Hampton says she made a reservation for two on Valentine’s Day at Enzo’s Caffe Italiano in Portland. But when her husband told her he’d eaten too much for lunch and decided to stay home, she went by herself.

Hampton showed up at the crowded restaurant and was seated alone at a table for two. After being ignored for some time, she flagged down a waitress.

“I finally said I was ready to order, she told me that she was not taking my order and I had to leave and give up my table,” Hampton said in her lawsuit, according to KOIN.

And when she tried to order takeout, she says they turned her away. “That was the final straw,” Hampton said. “I’ve never heard of a food place not having to-go.”

Hampton claims that her poor treatment comes down to racism. “I didn’t fit their decor in there,” she told KOIN. “I was the only African American.”

She added: “I cried, I’ve never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life.”

But the restaurant disputes these allegations. “She made reservation for two and when she got there, said, ‘Oh just by myself,’ ” owner Enzo Lanzadoro told The Oregonian.

“We offered for her to sit at the bar with other single diners since Valentine’s Day is very busy and all we know is she got up [from the table] and left without paying after she drank two glasses of wine.”

Hampton insists she was never offered a seat at the bar. “I would have sat there, I really would have,” she told KOIN. “I wouldn’t have missed that Italian meal.”