Woman Allegedly Steals Dog from Colorado Man as He Was Having a Fatal Seizure

Surveillance footage of the incident show a woman removing a dog from the scene as paramedics attended to the man

Woman Allegedly Steals Dog
Photo: Longmont Police Dept.

Police are searching for a woman who allegedly stole a dog from a Colorado man as he was lying on the ground, helpless, after suffering from a seizure.

On Tuesday, the 59-year-old, who had been feeling sick that day, decided to walk to 7-Eleven with his dog when he suddenly had a seizure, the Longmont Fire Police and OEM said in a statement shared on Facebook.

He then fell and was not able to get up until emergency responders arrived on the scene, according to the statement.

Surveillance footage from the convenience store shows a woman removing the pooch from the area as paramedics attended to the man, police said in the statement.

The man was then taken to a hospital where he died. He has not been publicly identified.

Struck with grief over the loss of both of their family member and their furry companion, police explained that relatives of the man pleaded with authorities to help find the missing animal.

When they were shown the video tape, the family said they did not know the woman, according to the statement.

Police have not yet been able to identify her.

Stolen Dog
Sampson. Longmont Department Of Public Safety

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On Wednesday, Deputy Police Chief Satur was walking on Main Street when he spotted what he believed to be the dog, whose name is Sampson, Sammy for short, according to the statement.

He then contacted the family, who confirmed that was indeed their beloved dog.

An hour later the family was reunited with Sampson, who showered them with love, police said.

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“We understand this was an emotional reunion,” Longmont Police said in the statement. “But, kisses all around to the large group of family that came to pick Sampson. He was thrilled to see them.”

Family member Marci Millington Lary commented on the Facebook post and thanked officers for their help: “We are so grateful and relieved to have our Sam Sam back home. Yes, there are some malicious people out there in the world, but there are also kind, compassionate and caring people and we are so fortunate to live in a community like this.”

Lary did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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