Patricia Hill shot and killed her husband Frank Hill in July after discovering he'd bought an X-rated channel subscription

By Rachel DeSantis
April 24, 2019 10:35 AM

An Arkansas woman who fatally shot her husband after discovering he’d purchased a pornography subscription has been convicted of second-degree murder.

Patricia Hill, 69, was convicted Tuesday and sentenced to 16 years in prison after killing husband Frank Hill, 65, in July, Jefferson County prosecuting attorney Kyle Hunter confirmed to PEOPLE.

Hill was arrested and charged in July after she shot Frank twice inside a utility shed on the couple’s Pine Bluff property.

Frank Hill

While speaking with investigators, Hill said she confronted Frank over a disagreement regarding his repeated purchase of a pornography channel.

“Mrs. Hill stated that she disagreed with her husband’s purchase of video pornography via the television guide, which she cancelled upon discovering the purchase,” Major Lafayette Woods of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said at the time. “But Mr. Hill managed to place a subsequent order.”

Woods said Hill asked Frank to leave the shed, and when he refused, she went back into the house, grabbed a .22 caliber pistol, and shot him twice, hitting him in the leg and in the head.

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She subsequently called police and was arrested, while Frank was pronounced dead a short time later.

Hunter told PEOPLE that Hill testified she was not thinking when she shot her husband and did not mean to kill him, but simply wanted to get his attention after discovering the X-rated purchase on a bill.

Her attorney Bill James reportedly said in court that Frank’s decision to buy the channel was deeply offensive to Hill.

“[It was] a personal affront to her and to her god,” he said, according to the Pine Bluff Commercial. “She told him over and over again to stop, and he said he would but went right back to doing it… [Her] reality snapped.”

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports that Hill also testified that she’d found pornographic material in Frank’s house before they were married 17 years ago, but threw them away.

“I told him that was something I could not tolerate,” she said. “I thought after we got married that it would go away.”