When Roena Cheryl Mills, 41, was confronted by deputies on April 1, she allegedly become “combative” with them

By Steve Helling
April 10, 2018 04:54 PM

It’s a grisly case that has made nationwide headlines: A West Virginia woman is accused of beheading her boyfriend.

When Roena Cheryl Mills, 41, was confronted by deputies on April 1, she allegedly become “combative” with them and was arrested. Once in the deputies’ car, she told them to “take me back and let me get my heads.”

Later that day, the decapitated body of Mills’ boyfriend, Bo White, was found in his home, according to West Virginia Metro News.

Here are four things to know about the case.

1. The Suspect Was Found Covered in Blood

Concerned citizens called police about Mills, who arrived to find her covered in blood and wearing a glove on one hand, Fox News reports.

Authorities allege she told them she was bleeding after someone attacked her and threw through a glass door. She then allegedly become combative with deputies before being arrested.

Once in the deputies’ car, Mills allegedly yelled, “You have to take me back and let me get my heads.”

Credit: West Virginia Regional Jails

2. Police Believe There Is Only One Victim — Even Though Mills Referred to ‘Heads’

According to the complaint, Mills referred to “heads” as a plural, but investigators don’t believe that she killed more than one person.

They found White’s decapitated body later that day, according to West Virginia Metro News.

Mills has been charged with second-degree murder — and PEOPLE confirms with the Mercer County court that there is only one murder charge pending against her.

3. The Charges Could be Upgraded as More Evidence Comes Out

Police are still investigating White’s death, and have left open the possibility that the initial charge could be upgraded or that more charges could be added.

Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler told West Virginia Metro News that Mills may be indicted on first or second-degree murder charges.

“Even though she’s only been initially charged with second-degree murder because there was some initial doubt about premeditation, the grand jury could certainly indict her for first-degree murder,” Sitler told the outlet.

4. Authorities Are Investigating Mills’ Mental State

A court-ordered mental health evaluation will determine if Mills is fit to stand trial. According to prosecutors, the evaluation will happen in the next few days.

Mills is currently being held in the Southern Regional Jail on $210,000 bail, according to jail records. As of Tuesday afternoon, she has not posted bond.

The jail records do not indicate if she has an attorney.