Wiz Khalifa Arrested for Marijuana Possession, Tweets 'Jail Selfie'

Before his bond was posted, the rapper documented his time at jail on Twitter


But first, let Wiz take a selfie.

Khalifa was arrested Sunday morning for marijuana possession, which he proved by Tweeting out a photo, #NoFilter necessary.

“Jail selfie,” he captioned the shot. He also snapped a picture of the jail door, writing (and inspiring a hashtag), “Free Trap Wiz.”

His live-Tweeting continued.

“They’re tryna figure out how many grams I had,” he wrote. “How ironic.”

A TSA officer stopped the rapper, 26, at Texas’s El Paso International Airport and discovered that Khalifa wasn’t carrying any form of identification, E! Online reports. This led to a secondary screening, where the TSA officer found 0.5 grams of marijuana in a metal container located inside his backpack.

After Khalifa was charged with possession of marijuana, which is a misdemeanor, he was transferred to the El Paso County Detention Facility. His bond was set at $300, according to E!, and it was later posted. (By afternoon, he updated fans, “Im gettin out soon.”)

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