The singer goes on trial in London for false imprisonment

By Jessica Herndon
Updated November 24, 2008 03:20 PM
Credit: Goffredo di Crollalanza/FilmMagic

In a London courtroom Monday Norwegian escort Audun Carlsen testified that Boy George handcuffed him to a bedroom wall and beat him with a metal chain.

The 49-year-old singer, real name George O’Dowd, is standing trial for false imprisonment, a charge which he has denied.

Carlsen, 29, claims he was invited to the musician’s London home for a naked photo shoot after he and the singer met online, the Associated Press reports. Following the visit Boy George sent a string of e-mails accusing him of hacking into his computer, said Carlsen. Despite the accusations, Carlsen agreed to another photo shoot in April 2007.

Carlsen said what followed was a beating inflicted by Boy George and another man. After “slapping me, beating me, punching me, and screaming things,” says Carlsen, the former Culture Club singer handcuffed him to a hook in the bedroom wall.

After escaping by unscrewing the hook, Carlsen says he ran into the street in his underwear.

“I took a bit of time getting the door open and he had a metal chain that he was hitting me with,” he said.

Photographs of red welts on Carlsen s head and arm injuries, which he said were inflicted during the attack, were shown to the court.