Why Is 'Raising Sextuplets' 's Bryan Masche Smiling in His Mug Shot?

From Floyd Mayweather to the reality, these guys turn their booking photo into a photo opp – but is it right?


Say cheese!

With the possibility of jail time looming, Bruno Mars, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Raising Sextuplets star Bryan Masche couldn’t help but smile in their recent mug shots.

Mars, busted in Las Vegas Sunday for cocaine possession, smiled with his open shirt and sweat glistening. The hip-hop star’s hair was coifed as if he was on stage – which he was only a few hours prior.

Masche, meanwhile, was arrested for Saturday for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and threatening domestic violence. The severity of the charges didn’t keep the orange-jumpsuit-clad reality star from flashing his pearly whites.

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Like Mars, Mayweather was busted in Las Vegas.The boxer and former Dancing With The Stars competitor – who is charged with four felonies and four misdemeanors stemming from a domestic disturbance – looked perfectly shaved and manicured with a polo-style shirt that looked like it was fresh from the dry cleaners – a fitting image for a man nicknamed “Pretty Boy.”

Unlike their female celebrity counterparts who seem to have mixed views about their mug shots posing – to smile or not? – these guys don’t seem to have the jailhouse blues.

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