Whoopi Goldberg Gets Threats over Defense of Bill Cosby, Tells Critics: 'Back Off Me!'

The cohost of The View reiterates what she's always said: Cosby is innocent until proven guilty


Whoopi Goldberg has been defending Bill Cosby ever since the many rape allegations against him surfaced. But Wednesday on The View, she was defending herself – adamantly, at times indignantly – in the face of threats she said she’s been getting for her stance on the matter.

“People have been coming after me and saying they’re going to snatch my family,” the cohost and comic, 59, said in a bracing monologue. “It’s like being Frankenstein, people coming after you with the fire and they’re going to burn you.”

She didn’t apologize for her stance. Quite the opposite. She reiterated that Cosby, 77 – who admitted in 2005 court documents, unsealed this week, that he gave Quaaludes to a woman and then had sex with her – should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

“Not any of you threatening me or telling me you’re coming after me because you don’t like what I said is going to change the fact that no one has convicted him, he has not been arrested,” said Goldberg, who said the threats came after she discussed the matter Tuesday on The View.

“The bottom line is, that’s the law,” she added. “Innocent until proven guilty.”

As evidence that due process is important, the Oscar winner pointed to the 2006 Duke case, when a false accusation of rape was made against three members of the university’s lacrosse team.

“No one here thinks rape is good. No one here thinks rapists are fun,” Goldberg said. “So, don’t come after me like that, ’cause I’m sick of this bull.”

She added: “Here’s the bottom line, for me: It’s my opinion. And the American courts agree with me, because still he has not been taken to jail or trial on anything. So, back off me!”

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Dozens of women have accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. The entertainer has denied any wrongdoing, once calling the claims “innuendos,” and has not been charged with a crime.

Cosby’s lawyer Marty Singer previously slammed the comedian’s numerous accusers in November, arguing that it’s “utter nonsense” that these women are “coming out of nowhere.”

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