July 23, 2010 05:25 PM

She’s the surprise new figure in the Kyron Horman case, and now DeDe Spicher has not just grabbed the attention of the missing 7-year-old’s parents – she’s also come under police scrutiny.

Investigators questioned the 43-year-old Tualatin, Ore., resident and searched her condominium last week. She has attracted attention because of her alleged activities on June 4, the day the second grader disappeared.

Detectives reportedly learned that Spicher, a friend of stepmom Terri Moulton Horman, had been doing gardening work that day at a Northwest Portland home but abruptly left before noon and didn’t return for about an hour later.

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The homeowner tried calling her cell phone during that time frame but Spicher never answered, according to local reports.

The missing boy’s parents have publicly stated they believe Terri planned the abduction. They’ve also pleaded with Spicher to come forward – or they might pursue a lawsuit against her.

On her blog, which has not been updated since May 2009, Spicher describes herself as a “fitness junkie, med school wannabee, petsitting veteran and worm herder.”

She also appears to be an avid gardener, blogging and posting photos chronicling the progress of her “balcony garden.”

A visible presence at the Horman house after Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman, moved out and filed for divorce, Spicher has known the Hormans for about seven years, according to local TV station KGW, and used to work out with Terri on a regular basis.

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