October 25, 2016 08:39 PM

By all accounts, Roger Trindade was a quiet teenager living in central Florida.

His family had moved to Florida from southern Brazil. He enrolled at Winter Park High, a large school in an affluent suburb of Orlando, Florida. He spoke three languages and took advanced math classes. His future looked bright.

But everything changed on Oct. 15th, when the 15-year-old was found unconscious in an upscale park in downtown Winter Park, Florida. A police report later stated that he showed “minimal signs of trauma or injury.”

PEOPLE has obtained the 911 recordings, in which three bystanders — including a physician — say they tried to administer CPR to the teen. The doctor initially thought that the boy had simply fainted. Another woman told the dispatcher that she had seen “some kid who’s been passed out for I don’t know how long.”

But one of the 911 callers gave the dispatcher their first clue that this was more than just a case of a teen who had collapsed. “There are kids who are fighting, and one of them is on the ground,” she told the operator. “They were physically fighting but the other party left, and then there’s a kid on the ground.”

Roger was rushed to a nearby hospital. Two days later, he was taken off of life support after being declared brain dead. An autopsy has been conducted, but the cause of death won’t be released until the results of toxicology reports are returned.

Source: Facebook

‘Felony Battery’

Initially, police were unsure of what, exactly, had happened. “There were no physical signs of injury inflicted on Roger Trindade and no physical evidence which would suggest he had been beaten,” the Winter Park Police Department said in a statement on Facebook.

But a subsequent incident report listed the initial crime as “felony battery” and listed the weapons as “fists and feet.” Police acknowledge that Roger had gotten into an “altercation” with other students, but have not yet released a motive.

“What we do know at this particular time is that this was not gang-related,” Winter Park Police Chief Michael Deal told MyNews13. “This was not racially motivated and certainly not a hate crime, at least that’s what we’re finding out so far.”

Police have identified other students who may have been involved in the altercation, but they have not made any arrests.

In a statement obtained by WFTV, a witness claims that his friend sprayed Roger with skunk spray. Then, according to the witness, Roger and his friend chased them. The witness said he called other friends, and between four and six boys showed up. The witness said that a boy punched Roger, knocking him down, and that another boy punched Roger on his temple while he was on the ground.

The senseless death has devastated Roger friends and family.

“The Trindade family is very thankful for all the extended communities’ thoughts and prayers,” the Winter Park Police Department said in a statement. “The family has requested privacy at this time to mourn the loss of their son.”

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