What was thought to be a false alarm Tuesday was indeed an attempted break-in

By Ken Lee
May 14, 2009 07:50 PM

Lindsay Lohan was targeted by burglars, after all – but the mess inside her house still can’t be blamed on them.

Two unidentified men, one wearing a baseball cap and a bandana over his face, attempted to break into the L.A. home Tuesday, according to security video, which captured their four-door gray station wagon parking in front just before 3 p.m.

“While the driver stayed inside, the passenger suspect stepped out of the vehicle, walked through a gate and entered the backyard of the residence,” say police, who are seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspects. “Investigators believed that the suspect tried to gain entry by using an unknown type tool to pry open a back window and door. After the unsuccessful attempt, the suspects drove off.”

Courtesy of LAPD

Police declined to officially identify whose house it was, but a source confirms it’s Lohan’s.

On Tuesday, police responded to Lohan’s home after her home security alarm was triggered. Police entered her home and at first thought it was ransacked, but then came to believe it was just messy.