Police Say Venus Williams Is at Fault in Deadly Florida Crash: Reports

Florida police say tennis champion Venus Williams was at fault for a deadly car crash earlier this month, according to multiple news outlets

Florida police said tennis champion Venus Williams was at fault for a deadly car crash earlier this month, according to CNN, the Palm Beach Post and TMZ.

The June 9 collision in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida — where Williams, 37, lives — involved her, 78-year-old Jerome Barson and his 68-year-old wife, Linda Barson, according to a police report obtained by the news outlets.

Jerome later died after he spent two weeks in the hospital as a result of his injuries from the crash, his wife’s attorney told CNN.

According to CNN, the Post and TMZ, police said in their report that Linda and Jerome were in their car crossing an intersection when they crashed into the side of Williams’ SUV.

Linda was driving, and she told police that she had a green light and no way to avoid Williams after Williams allegedly drove across the intersection in front of them, the report stated.

Williams had a green light when she first drove into the intersection, her attorney said, according to TMZ. But, according to the police report, she claimed she became stuck in the intersection because of other traffic and did not see the Barsons’ vehicle as she tried to cross.

Linda told police she had slowed her car at the intersection for a red light which then turned green just before the crash, according to the Post.

The police report showed Williams was driving about 5 mph when the crash occurred.

According to the report, “[Venus] is at fault for violating the right of way of” the other driver.

Police noted that she was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs or distracted by an electronic device at the time of the crash.

Other details about the crash, which reportedly remains under investigation, were not immediately clear.

Jerome Barson suffered a head injury, according to TMZ.

Linda Barson, his wife, was also taken to the hospital with broken bones and other injures, the site reports, but she survived. (Neither Linda nor her attorney could immediately be reached for comment.)

“Mrs. Barson is suffering intense grief and doesn’t know how she will go on,” her attorney told CNN.

William’s rep did not immediately return a request for comment and she has not commented publicly. She is set to play at Wimbledon in England next week.

According to TMZ, her attorney (who PEOPLE could not immediately reach) said she was not issued any citations in connection with the crash.

“This is an unfortunate accident and Venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one,” he said.

Palm Beach Gardens officials were not immediately able to provide a copy of the police report to PEOPLE. A police spokesman was also unavailable.

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