Texts Between 'World's Best Mother' and Husband Accused of Murder Show Financial Woes: 'I Want Answers'

Andrew MacCormack pleaded not guilty to strangling his wife, Vanessa, to death

From the outside, Andrew and Vanessa MacCormack may have appeared to have the picture perfect marriage. But the couple’s ill-fated love story had long been plagued by strife, financial woes, and a suspected drug addiction, investigators allege.

Court documents obtained by PEOPLE show contentious text messages exchanged between the couple concerning their finances.

“I want answers,” Vanessa texted her husband on Sept. 3, about the couple finances. “It’s the least I deserve.”

Weeks later, on Sept. 24, Vanessa, a mom and second-grade teacher, was found strangled to death, with slashes to her neck and a trash bag over her head in the couple’s Revere, Massachusetts, home, prosecutors allege.

Andrew, 29, was arrested and charged with Vanessa’s murder. He has pleaded not guilty. Andrew allegedly used bleach to clean up the crime scene before calling 911, prosecutors said in court, according to NBC Boston.

In determining the circumstances surrounding Vanessa’s killing, investigators learned that Andrew allegedly squandered most of the couple’s money on cocaine. Thus, 30-year-old Vanessa threatened to leave Andrew and put their ranch-style home up for sale.

Vanessa MacCormack/Facebook

“I hate you so much you’ve ruined [our daughter’s] life because she won’t have her parents together,” Vanessa told Andrew in a text on Aug. 31. “I’ll talk to [an agent] tomorrow about listing the house and I’ll look into divorce lawyers.”

Prosecutors allege that MacCormack took $100 out of an ATM and bought $100 worth of cocaine with the couple’s daughter in the car before his wife was found dead, CBS Boston reports.

He allegedly paid for his drug habit by taking money from their bank accounts or selling jewelry and saying it had been stolen from their house, prosecutors said, according to CBS Boston.

Vanessa’s mother told police that she had expressed the couple’s money issues, and had even planned to start a part-time job, according to the documents.

Andrew MacCormack
Credit: Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office

“Vanessa also stated that money was turning up missing and that Andrew MacCormack’s bank account had been compromised,” investigators said, according to the documents.

To cover up his alleged misdeeds, Andrew allegedly told Vanessa that hackers from Thailand had taken thousands of dollars from their bank account, the documents state.

However, Vanessa soon learned that was a lie.

“Don’t you dare get frustrated with me you deserve to be questioned … It seems like you think being nice to me for four days would fix everything but it’s not that simple,” she texted her husband on Sept. 15.

Vanessa MacCormack/Facebook

“You never did the things I said I would need to happen if you want me to stay with you like going to marriage counseling, stepping it up financially, communicating [with] my family,” she texted.

Investigators learned from an unknown drug dealer that Andrew allegedly purchased $400-$500 worth of drugs per week and bought $100 worth of cocaine the afternoon Vanessa was murdered, the documents state.

The couple had been married for a little over two years, according to their Facebook pages. MacCormack is a drywaller who studied criminal justice at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, his page says.

Vanessa MacCormack/Facebook

Earlier this week, Vanessa’s sister, Angela Masucci remembered the slain woman as a devoted mother.

“My sister was the world’s best mother,” she said, CBS News reports. “She did everything for her daughter and had so many plans for her.”

Andrew’s next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 27.

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