As Yeardley Love's family and classmates mourn, her death is looking like a crime of passion

By Stephen M. Silverman
May 05, 2010 08:15 AM

George Huguely – the University of Virginia lacrosse player charged this week with the first-degree murder of Yeardley Love, who played women’s lacrosse for the school – informed authorities that he had a violent confrontation with her, according to a search warrant affidavit.

“George Huguely admitted on May 3, 2010 that he was involved in an altercation with Yeardly Love and that during the course of the altercation he shook Love and her head repeatedly hit the wall,” Charlottesville Police Det. Lisa Reeves wrote in a sworn statement used to obtain a search warrant, reports CNN.

The 22-year-old athlete, who is 6’2″ and about 205 lbs., was arrested hours after a roommate found Love’s body Monday morning in her off-campus Charlottesville apartment. A relationship between Huguely and Love, also 22, had just ended.

Love, who was 5’3″ and 130 lbs., had “a large bruise on the right side of her face which appears to have been caused by blunt force trauma,” according to the document. She was discovered inside the residence with her face down in a pool of blood.

According to Reeves’s affidavit, Huguely admitted to kicking open the door to Love’s bedroom after he found her apartment door unlocked, says CNN.

Prior Arrest for Public Intoxication

A statement released Tuesday by Virginia’s Lexington Police Department also says that in November 2008 Huguely had to be shocked with a stun gun before police could put handcuffs on him in an attempt to arrest him for public intoxication. Reports also say he used racial and sexual terms to insult his arresting officer.

Huguely reportedly pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and was sentenced to 60 days, which was suspended.

After his arrest this week, Huguely waived his Miranda rights not to talk to police, reports CNN. He also admitted he took Love’s computer from her apartment, Reeves wrote, adding that police later found the computer after Huguely told them where he disposed of it.

Wednesday morning on the Today show, a classmate of Love’s said that the University of Virginia will still be granting the late student her college degree at the upcoming commencement ceremony.