Utah Woman Who Stopped to Help Pair of Dogs Is Attacked by Them, Then Saved by Good Samaritan Bus Driver

Marissa Bowen was attacked by two large dogs that she found roaming the streets of Kearns, Utah

Marisa Bowen dog attack
Photo: GoFundMe

A Utah woman was attacked by two dogs — and a quick-thinking bus driver is being credited for saving her life.

Marissa Bowen was driving in Kearns, Utah when she saw two dogs running loose along the street. Worried that they were going to be hit by a car, Bowen pulled over and got out of her car to check if they were wearing identification tags.

Bowen tells KSL-TV that the dogs initially appeared to be friendly.

"They were licking my hands. I scratched their heads and said, 'Good doggies,'" Bowen told the station. "[But then] they full-on started biting me, and then they got me to the ground and started dragging me."

Bowen sustained injuries to her feet, legs, arms and right side, Fox 13 News reports. The dogs then grabbed her by the head.

A bus driver with the Utah Transit Authority saw the attack and pulled over to help. Nick Pappas distracted the dogs long enough for Bowen to get into the bus.

But by then, Bowen says, the dogs were in a frenzy. They attacked the bus and ripped off one of the windshield wipers. Authorities were able to capture the dogs. It's unclear what authorities will do with them.

Bowen says that she feared the worst during the attack.

"I remember thinking in that moment, 'If somebody doesn't stop and help, I think I'm going to die and I'm not going to be able to hold my little boy again,'" she told KSL-TV.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to pay for doctor and hospital bills.

"Marissa has severe wounds and bruises on the front, right side, and back of her abdomen; right side of her butt; left arm; and both legs and ankles," her family writes. "She also has bite marks and puncture wounds on her hands, legs, arms, and thighs.

"Marissa's family and friends set up this account in hopes of raising funds to help pay for ambulance costs, medical bills, and counseling services."

On Wednesday, the Utah Transit Authority honored Pappas as a community hero for saving Marissa's life.

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