April 05, 2015 11:05 AM

A University of South Carolina student was suspended Friday after officials say she wrote a racial slur on a campus whiteboard to explain why the wi-fi was bad – in a photo that quickly went viral.

“The unfortunate and disappointing act of a student in a study room has challenged the Carolina community to reflect on our values and tell the world what we believe,” USC President Harris Pastides said in a statement. “Respect for all is at the heart of the Carolinian Creed, the code by which we agree to abide. Racist and uncivil rhetoric have no place at the University of South Carolina.

“We have taken appropriate actions to suspend a student and begin code of conduct investigations.”

The student can be seen in the photo, apparently spread on Snapchat, writing out a list of reasons why “USC wifi blows.” Reason number one, she writes, is “n——,” followed by “incompetent professors,” “ratchets,” “overpopulated campus” and something about parking.

The student has not been publicly identified, but she could face expulsion, according to WIS-TV. The school said the student was in a study room on campus at the time.

“I think it’s a horrible representation of the school,” a student told WIS-TV. “It’s not even a funny joke, so I don’t even understand why she would do that. I have actually had a lot of people try to say, oh, ‘freedom of speech’ and everything like that, but it’s offensive, and it looked like it was on a board in a classroom, which is completely inappropriate.”

“Scenes such as this, while captured in still shots from time to time through social media, sadly reflect what people of color often experience in many communities,” the NAACP said in a statement, according to WIS-TV. “This is why the NAACP cannot compromise, must not relent in its pursuit of dignity, justice and equality for all people in America.”

This incident follows recent news of a Duke University student who has left the school after admitting to hanging a noose from a campus tree.

And a former University of Mississippi student was indicted on civil rights charges in late March after allegedly placing a noose around the neck of a campus statue of the school’s first black student, and then draping it with an old version of the Georgia flag.

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