Stephen Myers and Winnie Mendoza had a “secret sexual relationship” for two years

By Helen Murphy
July 31, 2019 10:49 AM
Credit: Miami Dade Corrections

A Florida man has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the death of his niece, according to an arrest report from the Miami-Dade Police Department obtained by PEOPLE.

The victim was identified as 21-year-old Winnie Mendoza, the Miami Herald reported. Myers, 44, is married to Mendoza’s aunt and had allegedly been having a “secret sexual relationship” with his wife’s niece for two years, police said.

On Friday morning, Myers allegedly saw Mendoza as she was driving home and followed her.

“As the victim exited her car, [Myers] exited his truck with a firearm,” the arrest report said. He “demanded to know who the victim had been with all night and an argument ensued.”

“At some point during the argument,” police said, Myers allegedly shot Mendoza multiple times before fleeing the scene.

According to the report, Myers then returned home and allegedly told his wife that he had killed Mendoza. Following his confession, he fled his home and was found by police later on Friday.

Myers later was recorded confessing to shooting the victim, police said.

Winnie Mendoza
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According to CBS Miami, Mendoza was studying to become a pharmacist and worked in the pharmacy of a Publix supermarket.

“She was a very good person,” Mendoza’s uncle Angel Calderon told the outlet. “I don’t know why anyone would’ve done this … She was a student and she also worked two jobs and we were all looking forward to her birthday coming up next month in August.”