Because Trump's lawyers failed to show up in court on Thursday, the business mogul has been slapped with a hefty fine.

By Naja Rayne
June 23, 2016 08:00 PM
Jim Cole/AP

Donald Trump is being forced to shell out some cash after he missed an important hearing regarding his campaign merchandise, according to a report.

Trump skipped out on a Thursday hearing set to decide if he defied an agreement with New York City, and sold his campaign merchandise in a public space, DNA Info reports.

The infraction reportedly occurred nearly a year ago in July, when the real estate mogul established a kiosk in the lobby of Trump Tower, where he sold campaign gear, despite an earlier agreement to keep the space open for pedestrians.

In exchange for his compliance, Trump was reportedly allowed to add 200,000 square feet to the tower.

According to DNA Info, at the time the kiosk was set up, Trump was given a citation by the Department of Buildings.

In order to fit the stand, Trump Tower Commercial, LLC took out a seating area, according to DNA Info. After the DOB discovered the changes, Trump was cited for two violations and reportedly handed thousands of dollars in fines.

Because Trump’s lawyers did not show at Thursday’s meeting, the presumptive GOP nominee was reportedly slapped with another hefty fine of $10,000 and has 45 days to schedule another hearing.

According to DNA Info, Trump has 60 days to address the issue or the Department of Finance will take over the case, and charge 9 percent interest every year.

Although Trump has forged ahead in his race for the White House, beating out a long list of opponents, his campaign trail has been rattled with legal trouble as he only recently settled a lawsuit with Univision, and is still in the middle of various lawsuits centered around Trump University.