Chained Woman's Alleged Abductor Linked to Seven Deaths After Quadruple Killing Confession

Todd Kholhepp led investigators to two more graves on his property in Woodruff, South Carolina, law enforcement said

The South Carolina man accused of murdering four people, kidnapping a woman and then killing her boyfriend may be linked to two more slayings — bringing the total number of his alleged victims to seven, according to officials.

“Mr. Todd Kohlhepp was here on the scene earlier today. Yes, he did show us where two more graves are. He sure did. He showed us where two more victims [are],” Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said during a weekend news conference in front of Kohlhepp’s property in Woodruff, South Carolina, where 30-year-old Kala Brown was rescued on Thursday.

Wright said that the human remains found in the latest two grave sites have not yet been identified.

“We can’t tell anything about the cause of death, the gender, how long, any of that stuff,” he said.

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Kohlhepp, 45, was arrested after Brown was found chained in a storage container on the approximately 100-acre property last week.

Brown and her 32-year-old boyfriend, Charlie Carver, went missing in late August. Kohlhepp is expected to be charged in Carver’s murder after his body was found Friday in another shallow grave on the Woodruff property, according to WSPA.

Prosecutors say Brown allegedly witnessed Kohlhepp shoot Carver in the head after their abduction.

Brown had reportedly been working for Kohlhepp in the weeks before she and Carver vanished, and one of her friends said the couple was going to Kohlhepp’s property to do some odd jobs for him when they were allegedly abducted at gunpoint, according to CBS News.

In addition to the kidnapping and expected murder charge, Kohlhepp has been charged with four counts of murder in the 2003 deaths of four individuals at the Superbike Motorsports motorcycle shop in Chesnee, South Carolina, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities say Kohlhepp confessed to those killings after his arrest, providing “details … that only the killer would know,” according to the AP.

The gruesome revelations came after Brown was found alive in the metal container. Wright said she’d been locked up “like a dog,” with a chain around her neck.

Kohlhepp’s alleged involvement in the quadruple slaying cracks open a 13-year-old cold case that rocked Spartanburg. At the news conference, Wright identified the four people killed as Beverly Guy, Brian Lucas, Scott Ponder and Chris Sherbert.

“I’m rejoicing that this community can know that four people who were brutally murdered — there’s no wondering about it anymore,” Wright said.

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Kohlhepp appeared in court for a bond hearing for the murder charges on Sunday. He was denied bond, and it is unclear if he has entered a plea to his charges or retained an attorney.

Newly obtained court documents reportedly detail his long history of psychological issues and a previous guilty plea for kidnapping in the ’80s, when he was a teenager.

In a statement to PEOPLE on Friday — before Carver was positively identified — Carver’s family said, “[We] would like to begin by saying how wonderful it is Kala has been found and that she is receiving care and is back with family and friends …We ask that you continue to pray for Kala’s healing and for [Charlie’s] safe return as well.”

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